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  1. juniorthomas

    When are all these cutbacks not about COVID anymore?

    Agreed. Cheap is much different from being realistic. Fewer tickets purchased means less money for park overhead and employees. Simple math for any business: you don’t spend money you don’t have, unless you’re sure to recover it in the near future. The pandemic has locked in uncertainty, so TDO...
  2. juniorthomas

    Magic Kingdom's Overhaul or Expansion

    Even if there was no global pandemic, I didn’t get the impression that MK was going to be expanding anytime soon. Significant expansion to one of the busiest - if not the busiest - park around would lead to some serious crowding issues. If anything, after things normalize - and that could be 3-5...
  3. juniorthomas

    On layoffs, very bad attendance, and Iger's legacy being one of disgrace

    A ‘legacy of disgrace’ is about as subjective it gets.
  4. juniorthomas

    Disney Springs Mask Enforcement

    People everywhere are hit and miss with masks. Unfortunately, all you can do is take care of yourself and try to be as safe as possible.
  5. juniorthomas

    Who else thinks Park Prices & Resort Prices will Increase?

    No. And yes. In that order. After the parks open, and the parks have a better idea of how to operate in this new normal, I would not at all be surprised to see Disney offer discounts (free dining, reduced room rates) to entice people back to the parks. Later, when there is a vaccine and travel...
  6. juniorthomas

    Statements about WDW that grind your gears

    I'd say one of the more annoying topics would have to involve the mythical 5th gate.
  7. juniorthomas

    Iger and Chapek Livid With Lucasfilm

    Kennedy has overseen a number of less than stellar projects at the helm of Lucasfilm. Most in her position aren’t afforded too many disappointments without some sort of consequences.
  8. juniorthomas

    My Love of the Parks is Dwindling. Not sure what to do.

    It's okay to have varying feelings about TWDCo. And don't let anyone try to tell you how you should feel about things you like. Only you get to decide the things that make you happy. At the same time, you're at a crossroads. Nobody should tell you to abandon your feelings and blindly support...
  9. juniorthomas

    I think it was a mistake to take away those mcdonalds fries stands in the parks.

    In my experience, as delicious as the fries were, it seemed there was always someone else hovering nearby who wanted them more....
  10. juniorthomas

    What kind of discounts will we expect starting Mid July?

    They've already extended the Sun & Fun room discount into the Summer. Making up lost money is a driving factor, the goal is to eliminate the optics of mostly empty resorts. I imagine those discounts, as well as dining plans, will accelerate as we approach and get into the Summer.
  11. juniorthomas

    Rumor Toy Story friends makeover

    I've been wondering why Pixar's Braintrust hasn't pushed TDO to fix this. Jake Gyllenhaal should be upset that his likeness was appropriated in this manner.
  12. juniorthomas

    Being Stuck on a Ride - Which ride scene would damage your mental well-being the most?

    That "hurry back" is brutal. I've also been stuck there. Any time I hear the song - looking at you Disney Reservations dial-in line - I suffer flashbacks when they play that part.
  13. juniorthomas

    Ever lost or found anything valuable?

    When I was younger, as my friends and I were deftly navigating through the crowds to escape MK at the end of the night, I felt a slight tug at my sleeve. Still moving at a brisk-ish pace, I turned to see, jogging along with his father, a little boy holding up a handful of cash. I was at the end...
  14. juniorthomas

    Splash Mountain...don't want to get soaked

    There is no real safe spot, and even if you end up dry from the drop, you may still get soaked towards the end of the ride as you wait to disembark. (Once I was stuck under a waterfall for longer than I’d have preferred for 9pm at night.) One thing that may play a role is the weight...
  15. juniorthomas

    What Defined the Decade at WDW?

    This is the answer. Has to be.
  16. juniorthomas

    Disney Magic is alive and well!

    I’m so very sorry for your loss, but it’s great to hear you honored her memory with what sounds like a powerful trip to WDW. If you have the time, you should reach out to Guest Services and let them know this story. Often, when positive feedback for a CM is received, they will pass it along to...
  17. juniorthomas

    Empty Attraction Experiences

    Back in the day, when EMH was first introduced, taking the time to ride and re-ride BTMRR with no line. Same with Space Ranger Spin (on a different trip, though). Those rides are fun as it is, but being able to experience them with zero wait time was truly special. The CMs letting us on the...
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