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  1. Kate F

    Should I Stay? I'm not sure...

    Earlier this year, I started to be more active on this site than I had been for the past few years. I enjoyed participating in conversations, making new threads, and reading about all the latest WDW happenings. Obviously this year has been a complete mess in numerous ways, but nothing set off a...
  2. Kate F

    The Splash Mountain Appreciation Thread

    In the midst of all this Splash Mountain controversy, I wanted to create a positive thread that celebrates the beloved attraction. All this news has put me in a rather foul mood these past few days and I thought maybe a thread like this would ease the frustration a bit. While newer additions to...
  3. Kate F

    If your favorite WDW attraction were removed...

    If your favorite attraction at WDW were to permanently close, no matter how likely or unlikely it would actually be, would it completely turn you off going to WDW again or would you shake it off and happily book another trip?
  4. Kate F

    Favorite Classic Princess Movie?

    While there have been numerous princess movies over the past few decades, no one can forget about Walt's original three. Even with a plethora of newer princesses and heroines, people still love Walt's original princesses and their movies continue to be some of the most popular of Disney's...
  5. Kate F

    Statements about WDW that grind your gears

    What are some fairly common statements about the parks that get thrown around that are hard for you to not step in and speak up about? Those things people say that you just can’t let slide and ignore, you have to voice your opinion on it? At the top for me is any post suggesting Splash Mountain...
  6. Kate F

    How much longer does Shrek 4-D have?

    This attraction has been around for 17 years now and it seems to be one of the worst rated attractions at the resort. I’m sure it still eats up crowds during busier times of the year, but I really have to wonder how many more years this show has left in it. I personally don’t think you need to...
  7. Kate F

    What’s next for Animal Kingdom?

    With Runaway Railway and Galaxy’s Edge having recently opened at DHS, as well as the upcoming additions of Tron to MK and Guardians, Rat, and Poppins to Epcot, I can’t help but think about how 3 years after Pandora’s opening, AK has nothing major planned within the next few years. I get...
  8. Kate F

    Islands of Adventure Previews - 1997

    Earlier today, I found this video of a preview for IoA at Universal Studios in 1997 featuring these little dioramas of both the then upcoming park and CityWalk. As someone who has never known Universal Orlando without either of those things, I found this video very interesting to watch. I’m...
  9. Kate F

    Opinions on Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster (Poll)

    Based on some conversations I’ve seen here, people seem to have vastly different opinions when it comes to Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster: Starring Aerosmith. Some people want to see it be re-themed to properties such as Monster’s Inc. or The Incredibles. Others want to see it redone with a new band in...
  10. Kate F

    Fixing DinoLand U.S.A.

    Ever since it first opened, DinoLand U.S.A. has been considered one of the weakest areas in the whole of WDW and a blemish on an otherwise beautiful park. Clearly Disney can do better than that. But the thing is, what exactly do you do with it if you were to scrap it and start from scratch...
  11. Kate F

    Favorite Land at Walt Disney World

    What is your favorite land or area at the resort? I really like Frontierland because it's home to my favorite ride, Splash Mountain, and also because it just has such a nice atmosphere and great theming. I'm also a big fan of the theming and rich details of Asia and Africa at DAK. There are many...
  12. Kate F

    Better at WDW?

    A lot of people seem to think that WDW gets the short end of the stick when it comes to the quality of their rides versus other parks, particularly Disneyland. However, I think there are quite a few rides where the WDW comes out on top, most notably Splash Mountain, The Twilight Zone Tower of...
  13. Kate F

    Link Test
  14. Kate F

    TSMM vs Buzz

    Which Toy Story-themed shooting gallery attraction do you like better? Personally, I much prefer Buzz because I enjoy the physical sets and the fact that it does not have 3 hour waits all the time.
  15. Kate F

    Star Wars - How much is too much?

    Don't get me wrong, I enjoy Star Wars. I like the original movies, enjoyed The Force Awakens, and am looking forward to SWL, but I still wouldn't consider myself a huge fan of the franchise. With at least 5 more films on the way, all of the currently existing Star Wars attractions in DHS, as...
  16. Kate F

    WDW and Teens

    Overall, I think WDW does a good job at appealing to all ages, but until very recently, with Avatar and SWL both being on their way, I feel as though Disney has somewhat neglected teens/young adults. Being a young adult myself, I understand that families with small children are their primary...
  17. Kate F

    MK land most in need of a makeover

    Considering both the capacity issues and the conditions of the other parks, the MK really doesn't need any attention at the moment, but when the time comes, which land do you think they should focus on improving or expanding upon first?
  18. Kate F

    Need Help Finding Songs

    I know this is pretty random, but I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find some of the songs that play in the Splash Mountain queue, as well as the version of "How Do You Do" that plays prior to Slippin' Falls. I know that there are a few songs from the queue on YouTube, but they are...
  19. Kate F

    Why is Stitch still there?

    Now, I don't absolutely loathe this attraction like the majority of people on this board, but I really think that it is time for this one to go. I know today's Disney is extremely slow at getting worn out/unpopular attractions replaced, but I still think they would've done something with it by...
  20. Kate F

    Which attraction needs an update most?

    There are several attractions at WDW that could really use an update, but what do you think needs it most? My choice: Journey into Imagination. Enough said.
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