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  1. Weather_Lady

    Are they still taking luggage from the airport for you?

    I hope it works out well for you! To avoid checked bag fees and/or lost luggage (the latter of which happened to me one too many times when traveling for business), our family started traveling carryon only a few years ago and loved it so much we've never looked back. If you're looking for any...
  2. Weather_Lady

    Caribbean Beach Help:

    No, I don't suppose so.
  3. Weather_Lady

    Caribbean Beach Help:

    I second this! When we stayed at CBR (pre-Skyliner, but the bus service to and from the parks was honestly the best we'd ever experienced -- even better than the deluxes), we used rideshares to and from the Animal Kingdom and other resorts (e.g., for ADRs). They were very cheap (nothing over $10...
  4. Weather_Lady

    Snoring Strategy for Hotel/Room Booking

    I'm arriving late to the party, but if your mother and your husband are the snorers, would your husband be comfortable sharing a room with your parents for a few nights (just during sleeping hours)? I realize every family is different -- we'd do something like that without thinking twice in my...
  5. Weather_Lady

    The Splash Mountain Appreciation Thread

    I love Splash Mountain for what it's been to me -- a superb piece of storytelling with memorable songs, darling animatronic characters, a fantastic and suspense-building ride layout with incredible views and a level of immersion second to none. Riding it for the first time as a child, I was...
  6. Weather_Lady

    Kids keeping there masks on.

    You've got time - start "training" them now, just as you would if there was some other aspect of the trip (eating at a restaurant, navigating an airport, walking long distances) for which they were unprepared. Have them wear masks around the house, or while watching TV, or while playing outside...
  7. Weather_Lady

    Flight times

    The earlier your flight, the less chance it will be delayed. Also, I don't know about you, but the most expensive component of each Disney day for my family (between tickets, food and hotel) is typically the hotel. If I'm going to spend that money per night, I want to have as much of preceding...
  8. Weather_Lady


    If you're flying carryon-only, your only option for traveling with alcohol is to fill your 3-1-1 bag (1 quart bag, 1 per traveler) with little single-serve bottles. We travel carryon-only ourselves, and DH and I have totally done this -- put our liquid/gel toiletries together in DH's 3-1-1 bag...
  9. Weather_Lady

    Which of the following highly rated WDW restaurants has the best Food Quality?

    I'm sorry to be a broken record, but yes... I'm still not over my breakup with California Grill. ;) I'll try to vent less about it here, and keep it between me and my food therapist. [*NOTE: I edited my earlier post to delete the California Grill reference. The OP hadn't put it on the list, so...
  10. Weather_Lady

    When dining at WDW what drives you to choose a restaurant?

    We want: (1) quality food, which doesn't necessarily mean "signature" or Disney-expensive; and (2) something we can't get at home, whether that's a unique location (e.g., Sanaa), unique theme/entertainment (e.g., Biergarten), or unique food (e.g., Boma, Jiko, Yak & Yeti, or Tiffins). Price is...
  11. Weather_Lady

    Which of the following highly rated WDW restaurants has the best Food Quality?

    I haven't dined at all of those restaurants (most notably V&A), so I don't know that my vote for "Tiffins" is entitled to full faith and credit. Alongside Tiffins, however, three of the other restaurants on the list -- Sanaa, Raglan Road, and Skipper Canteen -- have served me some of the best...
  12. Weather_Lady

    Unpopular opinion: preshows kind of suck 90% of the time

    ;) I totally get why they're skipping them now, but on the whole I like pre-shows, both for scene-setting purposes, and because some provide useful information on how to board the attraction. Think of how long it takes some idiots, er, guests, to figure out where to go and how to secure...
  13. Weather_Lady

    When will you return?

    We'll be back after the attractions that are still under construction (e.g., Tron, GotG, Ratatouille, etc.) are finished. We like to stagger our visits far enough apart that there will be new things to do. Hopefully by the fall of 2022, when DH and I were hoping to celebrate our 20th wedding...
  14. Weather_Lady

    masks with special needs

    I don't believe it either. No lawyer worth their salt would take their case, because it's too well-settled that reasonable accommodations don't include permitting threats to public health. (While I don't pretend to be an expert in many things, this happens to be something I know a little bit...
  15. Weather_Lady

    masks with special needs

    You may not be a lawyer, but you are 100% correct!
  16. Weather_Lady

    masks with special needs

    As the legal department probably informed you (correctly), "not making exceptions for guests with special needs" is not, by itself, discrimination, and merely having a disability doesn't allow an individual to dictate the terms of his access to places of public accommodation. The law requires...
  17. Weather_Lady

    Poly DVC Studios vs Resort Rooms

    I'd hop on and check out the floor plans and photo tours for each (small versions here): We stayed in a Poly studio a couple of years ago (and LOVED it). The main differences as I remember them are: 1 - Fold-out sofa vs. second queen bed: Since we're a family of four and...
  18. Weather_Lady

    Older Kids Touring the World

    We allowed our kids to do this the last time we visited - although only when we were in the same park (e.g., enjoying a "fancy" dinner the kids had no interest in). They are 11 and 13 and the eldest had his phone with him. The "rules" were: they had to stay together and stick to a spending...
  19. Weather_Lady

    Swearing in the parks, have you experienced this?

    LOL, this reminds me of the worst swearing incident I ever saw at WDW. We were standing in a 45-minute queue for Big Thunder during Easter break in 2005. The line was full of dozens of folks who looked like Jersey Shore extras, who suddenly began screaming in call-and-response fashion from every...
  20. Weather_Lady

    Swearing in the parks, have you experienced this?

    At least once every trip, we seem end up stuck in a line ahead of someone who swears like a sailor -- half the time it's somebody having an argument on their phone, and the other half of the time it's just somebody who clearly talks like that normally and thinks nothing of casually dropping...
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