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  1. AndyS2992

    ***SAVE FIGMENT***

    The ride is atrocious so I'll take any improvements at this point
  2. AndyS2992

    What is the dumbest thing you've heard a guest say to a character?

    I was at Disneyland Paris and Aurora walked past and a mother yelled excitedly at her daughter that Barbie was walking by. Bothered me.
  3. AndyS2992

    What is YOUR WDW Decade?

    My first trip to WDW was in 2008 during the Year of a Million Dreams. Had a great time and the promotion was a lot of fun, so 2001-2011 I guess. Subsequent trips have also been great but there was something very special about that one.
  4. AndyS2992

    Disrespecting the parks

    Wow, wish I hadn't watched that, sickening behaviour.
  5. AndyS2992

    Horse gets tangled with Balloon

    Well that's the end of that then lol
  6. AndyS2992

    Splash Mountain is open

    This is Disney we're talking about here, work on it won't start for at least a year or two, got their hands full atm anyhow. Perhaps things will all blow over and it won't happen at all. Who knows
  7. AndyS2992

    Abandoned Crate Full Of IASW Dolls

    Trawling through threads trying to find it.
  8. AndyS2992

    Abandoned Crate Full Of IASW Dolls

    There's already a thread on this somewhere, and I recall the conclusion isn't as mysterious or as exciting as you may think, and I recall it is indeed located on WDW property.
  9. AndyS2992

    Redd the Pirate to Receive Makeover

    I'm guessing she is going to be replaced with an animatronic Margot Robbie dressed as whatever character she is playing in this new spin off which is separate from the sixth film.
  10. AndyS2992

    Shouldn’t the Haunted Mansion’s Hanging Body Scene be removed?

    I know, my point being the hanging body was removed and replaced with the Phantom holding an empty noose, though gesturing it towards the guests below, which is actually more dark when you think about it.
  11. AndyS2992

    Shouldn’t the Haunted Mansion’s Hanging Body Scene be removed?

    No it shouldn't be removed, geez. It was removed from Paris last year however so nothing is sacred.
  12. AndyS2992

    Have you seen Song of the south in its entirety

    It was heavily promoted on VHS here in the UK in 90s when I was a kid and I have a copy of it, don't recall watching it very much though.
  13. AndyS2992

    Splash Mountain re-theme announced

    I’m disappointed but the artwork actually really nice so we’ll see. Disneyland is fine but I don’t see how it fits in Frontierland at Magic Kingdom. If successful, just maybe, they’ll bring it to Disneyland Paris.
  14. AndyS2992

    Tower of Terror question - Sunset Room

    Twilight means sunset A room is an area or a 'zone' The door literally leads to the Twilight Zone. Clever. Never noticed those doors in all my trips.
  15. AndyS2992

    Spot holding on park rides - during and post COVID

    It's never been allowed. As mentioned already, cast members can't be bothered to deal with causing a scene so turn a blind eye.
  16. AndyS2992

    Protesters want Splash Mountain changed

    People seemingly want it to be changed to Princess and the Frog but people are forgetting that PatF is controversial in itself. When it was first released people were angry that the long awaited black princess spent 90% of the film as a green frog, the fact she marries a latino guy rather than a...
  17. AndyS2992

    What kind of Disney guest are you?

    We stay for two weeks and stay on property. The first week we try and do rope drop for each park, usually go back to the room and rest at around 4pm and then eat about 5:30 and then rest some more and get ready to get back to the parks by 7pm and stay until closing. The first week we usually one...
  18. AndyS2992

    Your view on old posts resurfacing lately

    It happens because someone will Google a question, and the old thread with matching criteria will appear at the top of the search results and so they click on it and read through it and then make and account and respond to it but they neglect to look at the date of posting. Newbie error.
  19. AndyS2992

    Attraction Dealbreakers

    1. Big Thunder Mountain 2. Splash Mountain 3. Space Mountain 4. It's a Small World 5. Tower of Terror
  20. AndyS2992

    Beauty and the Beast Live possible replacement?

    Mickey and the Magician from Walt Disney Studios Paris would be a welcome clone. I prefer new and unique stuff but since they aren't going to spend the money on developing new shows for quite a while. It also has a Beauty and the Beast segment as a reference and to appease the people who can't...
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