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  1. Ellen Ripley

    SOLO movie poster designs stolen from french artist?

    check the link
  2. Ellen Ripley

    MNSSHP costume questions and more...

    Hello, Some friends and I will be attending MNSSHP pretty soon and I had a few questions I could not find through the search option. I understand there are certain costume restrictions, what are they? For example, if I wanted to be a pirate, could I carry a toy pirate guns like they used to...
  3. Ellen Ripley

    Three Days of Bliss

    The dates :Sept 26 - Sept 29 The Players :Sue and John, DBF (Dear Boyfriend) and I First I want to thank everyone here for all the advice and tips that helped make our trip priceless. Day One: We arrived at Port Orleans Riverside at about 11 pm on Friday. What a beautiful resort. None of us...
  4. Ellen Ripley

    downtown disney hours

    hi, does anyone know the hours of operation of stores like once upon a toy at downtown disney, weekdays and sundays? thanks in advance.
  5. Ellen Ripley

    port orleans riverside next week questions

    hi, we will be staying at por next weekend for three nights and i had a few questions. firstly, is there esspresso at the food court, or where can we find esspresso in the morning? is the bus system good, or should we park at the parks? thanks in advance. :sohappy: :sohappy: :sohappy...
  6. Ellen Ripley

    questions about sept trip

    Hello. Going to the world sept 26 - 29. I was wondering what days of the week each park is most crowded. Are Mgm and Animal Kingdom half day parks? If so, and if we do ak early and mgm later in the day, will there still be fastpasses available for tot and rnrr? Any must do's for mgm and ak? Any...
  7. Ellen Ripley

    wdw on july 4th?

    some friends and i are tentatively planning on going to the magic kingdom on the 4th of july. is this a good idea? will it be too crowded? can anyone that has gone on independence day give me a little incite as to what to expect. thanks in advance. :veryconfu
  8. Ellen Ripley

    disney photos from 1976 1979 1980

    just go to the member photo gallery let me know what you think. :wave:
  9. Ellen Ripley

    wdw woody doll recalled

    read about it here
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