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  1. ScoutN

    Abigail Disney's Twitter thread on Executive pay and furloughing Cast Members during COVID-19

    Any thread with her name popping up absolutely amuses me. The attacks on her personally and not the message she is delivering speaks higher volumes to her point than she herself can. Meanwhile, CMs make the magic, right? Why look out for them, right? I mean the brass heads at the top are the...
  2. ScoutN

    Alaska cruise, is 3k more worth it for verandah?

    Nope. Not at all. You spend so much time in ports and excursions that that alone nixes it for us. Then add in that the best viewing of the landscape, watching wildlife and seeing the contours of everything around you is on the top deck, no balcony. Our first Alaskan was an inside and our...
  3. ScoutN

    Alaska Cruise - Dining arrangements

    It is also worth noting that the general rotation menu will have some Alaska unique offerings. The Alaskan menu alterations are one of my personal favorites.
  4. ScoutN


    I got married on Dream in the Atrium.
  5. ScoutN

    DVC perks on do I let them know I am a member?

    DVC recently switched to a new system that has been having a hard time interfacing with the DCL reservations. If you own DVC as Joseph Leonard Smith and the DCL reservation shows as Joseph Smith then the new system will not see it. If you do not get a welcome call or have the magnet on your door...
  6. ScoutN

    Magic back in the US!

    I’m looking forward to hearing what @lostpro9het has to say about the Bermudan he is on now in regards to weather. Wednesday night we had high, high wind speeds and gusts for the final night. Prior to that, the captain did an amazing job during the day to skirt the gnarly weather and minimized...
  7. ScoutN

    Entitled Adult Books Cruise in Hurricane Season, Wants Compensation

    Lest we not forget, people died and she wants a credit.
  8. ScoutN

    How Many Days Until Your Next Disney Cruise???

    AYO!!! It looks like you will be on the one after us!
  9. ScoutN

    Disney Kids club

    This exactly. It certainly doesn't hurt to ask. Last year we had a family member with us who was 5 months away from 13 and they let him in to Vibe. That same cousin later in the year, less than a week prior to his 13th, was turned away from Vibe.
  10. ScoutN

    Points Reallocation for 2020

    I can see why they are changing it, I don't agree with it, though. For year we have booked to Studios for 8 guest total while using less point that a two bedroom. It was a pretty good gravy train of maximizing points. And shifted the Treehouse Villas to be more in line with grand villa at SSR...
  11. ScoutN

    New pricing on transfers and food

    On Sunday of this week, the non-platinum guests in my group at Palo received a $10 discount on their tickets. That may be because it was booked at $30. I had no clue about the price increase so seeing $40 minus a $10 discount threw me off. On that note, I feel like Palo Brunch has gotten even...
  12. ScoutN

    Celebrity Edge in Key West

    We saw that, too. That’s definitely curious. In other Key West news, how about Silversea damaging a dock the other day? It sounds like that pier will be out of service for three months.
  13. ScoutN

    What are they waiting for?

    I thought that at first until it clicked that the lifeboat was yellow for DCL instead of orange for others.
  14. ScoutN

    What are they waiting for?

    One of the Starboard lifeboats needed to be hoisted back up. You could see it powering across just as Dream dropped lines and began moving away from the dock. Why was the lifeboat down? Got me. Maintenance I would assume.
  15. ScoutN

    Shuttle from Port to Alamo

    This can sometimes work in your benefit. This past May, between a Fantasy and Dream cruise, we rented a regular sedan (Corolla, Focus, ETC) and they could not fulfill it. The nice associate apologized that the vehicle we selected would not be available to rent. Without us even having a chance to...
  16. ScoutN

    Permanent week option

    And there is the link I was trying to find.
  17. ScoutN

    Permanent week option

    They have guaranteed week offerings. If you choose you do not want to use that week at your home resort, you can then use the points at a different resort or a different time. The guaranteed week is only for the home resort you purchase at. If the point cost for that week goes up in the future...
  18. ScoutN

    Seasonal prices differences?

    With it sounding like two permanent ships going to Miami, I am hopeful that that will ease some of the demand put on just having two on the East Coast during Summer. All hope may not be lost year. The third new ship seems to be the Wild Card of where it will end up. So we may end up with 5...
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