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  1. becca_

    Trip Report The "You plan, I'll go" Trip - March 2019

    Hellllllooo there! Welcome to our little transdimensional joy ride, folks! Erm... I meant Trip Report... Yes, I am back in NY and trust me I kicked and stomped my feet the whole way back. With a little over a month left of college, Disney left me wanting summer in the absolute worst way. With...
  2. becca_

    Trip Report Did someone spit on me... or is it raining? May/June 2018

    Hello and Welcome!!! Yes friends, unfortunately (but fortunately) I am back from my 3rd and final trip of 2018... I had to make sure my annual pass went to good use ;) This trip was amazing and I'm so glad I was able to go back... but it left me wanting MORE!!!! More time, more Disney, more...
  3. becca_

    Trip Report Are you worn out yet?? March 2018 **COMPLETED**

    Guess who's back, back, back... back again... Becca's back... tell a friend... Hello friends!! I am back from yet another amazing trip to my favorite place. With my pharmacology exam out of the way, (I just took it an hour ago... that's dedication to the forums right there ;) ) I am ready to...
  4. becca_

    Trip Report Somehow I'll make a fan out of you - January 2018 **COMPLETED**

    :cry::cry::cry: The post-Disney depression has officially set in. Actually, it set in as soon as I took the Tragical Express to MCO. WHY does departure day exist?!?! Why can't I always be in my happy place!?! Why do I live in a place where the air hurts my skin?!?! Why can't I live in...
  5. becca_

    Current Bounceback Offer?

    Anyone out there know what the current bounceback offer is? TIA :happy:
  6. becca_

    Pre-Trip I can show you the world.... January 2018

    ...and by world, I mean Walt Disney World! I'll be seeing you soon, MK!!!! This is my first PTR/will be my first TR so bare with me!! Let's get down to business - I'll provide the details ;) WHO: Myself (Becca - almost 20) and my boyfriend Daniel (almost 21)! WHEN: January 16th-22nd...
  7. becca_

    MK EMH/Breakfast ADR

    Wasn't sure if I should put this here or in Restaurants/Dining so if it needs to be moved, sorry! I was planning on doing an ADR at Be Our Guest (yeah I know the food for breakfast isn't the best but lunch/dinner does not appeal to me & I want to see the inside), if the park has EMH at 8-9...
  8. becca_

    QS Credits/Split Stay

    If I have left over QS credits, check out of 1st resort, and check into 2nd resort, could I still use those QS credits until midnight of 1st resort check out night? I do not have a second dining plan for the 2nd resort. Thanks!
  9. becca_

    Memory Maker Question..

    I bought MM for my trip in January 2018 - does it only last from my check in date to my check out date? Or can I download pictures from a March 2018 trip too? Thanks in advance!
  10. becca_

    Tour Groups in January?

    I used to go annually to WDW in January (around MLK weekend) but my past 3 trips were in March and May. We stayed at Saratoga Springs those January trips because my mother is a DVC member, but this time I am going with just my boyfriend. Long story short - I know the All Stars are bound to have...
  11. becca_

    Phone or computer?

    Which do you find is easier/better to make FP+ selections? My FP day is tomorrow so I want to be prepared... Thanks!
  12. becca_

    Cape May Cafe thoughts/reviews

    I am thinking about doing one dinner buffet outside of a quick service meal plan when I go in January. I haven't ever been to Cape May Cafe so I was wondering if the dinner buffet is good quality for the price, or if there is another buffet style restaurant with better food for dinner that you...
  13. becca_

    Which resort is best?

    I'm trying to decide between these 3 for a trip next January, it will just be my boyfriend and I. We won't be spending a lot of time in the room, just to shower and sleep, but I still want the "best" out of these 3 options. Thanks!
  14. becca_

    FP+ For Frozen

    My FP+ day is coming up (2 months from tomorrow but who's counting!) and I was wondering if anyone could give me insight as to how fast the fast passes for Frozen Ever After go. Will I be able to get them if I don't choose my time immediately? Thanks in advance! :D
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