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  1. Brummyboy92

    Will you be boycotting Mulan?

    Apologies if this is in the wrong section of the forum, I have not been on here for that long, and still trying to get the hang of the site/site culture, etc... My questions is will people here be boycotting Mulan? With the recent events in Hong Kong, and the CCP's continued efforts to squash...
  2. Brummyboy92

    What the heck is Dinoland U.S.A?

    Hey all, I've recently returned from my first trip the WDW, spending 3 weeks spread across Disney, Universal & seeing family in Jacksonville. Had an amazing time, and Disney met my expectations....ish. I imagine this has been discussed to death here, but what is going on with Dinoland U.S.A...
  3. Brummyboy92

    Disney Gift Card

    Hi all, So next week is the week, I take the agonizing flight from the UK to Orlando.....can't wait. For my Birthday a couple of months ago, work brought me a gift card which has arrived in email format. I'm a bit confused though, it says that to validate the gift cards, show the displayed...
  4. Brummyboy92

    Halloween Horror Nights 2019

    Surprised there is no thread on this topic already. Just wanted to know if the below website is legit, it seems really cheap. I'm assuming there is no catch, ie: Orlando residents only or anything like that...
  5. Brummyboy92

    WDW shows & parades

    Hi all, I have finally got round to thinking about shows and parades for when we visit in October. Is there anything we should not miss, perhaps any tips on where we can view parades/shows from away from the crowds? Any advice would be welcome, thanks.
  6. Brummyboy92

    Tokyo Crowd Calender

    Hi all, Booked my first trip for Japan next year, spending the entire month of May there and I seriously cannot wait. I will of course be paying a visit to both Disney parks, however there is no data regarding crowds for the time of year I am going. Does anyone have a rough idea when the...
  7. Brummyboy92

    Booking Issue @ BOG

    Hi all, Me and my mate are coming over in October, so I booked Be our Guest for a lunch sit in on the 24th October. Unexpectedly, another friend has booked on, I have tried amending the booking to include one more person, yet it won't allow me to do this. Are bookings that tight that they...
  8. Brummyboy92

    Epcot Forever

    Hey all, I was going to reserve a dinner slot, somewhere we could get a good view for Epcot Forever/illuminations in October. My group is pretty open to food (not German), any suggestions? I was thinking the Spice Road Table? Whatever I do decide to book, how do I guarantee to get an...
  9. Brummyboy92

    Planning problems

    Hi all, Finally booked for me and my partner to visit Orlando from the 17th October through till the 2nd November, and I’m having real trouble simply planning what to do, where to go, what to see, etc... I’m going to book the Disney/Universal combo, the aim Ismail to visit all Theme/Water...
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