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  1. degunter

    Disney Bus - Overnight Parking

    When not in use, where do they park all the Disney Transport Buses?
  2. degunter

    Best place for Epcot fireworks outside the park?

    What is the best place to watch Epcot fireworks from outside the park?
  3. degunter

    Frequent Photo Updates

    Does anyone know of any other websites that have more frequent photo updates of the Fantasyland Expansion, including the Storybook Circus and Skyway Removal areas? I guess I am more use to Westcoaster.Net where they have had many photo updates of all the construction going on at DCA since it...
  4. degunter

    Test Track Cake

    Here is a link to some photos of a Test Track Cake a friend and I made this past weekend for a birthday party. I hope the link works...
  5. degunter

    Tomorrowland Speedway - Big Tree Removed

    I just noticed in the photos posted today and from September, that they removed a very large tree to reroute the track. Was surprised we did not hear much from the environmentalists on that...??? BEFORE: AFTER:
  6. degunter

    New Monorail

    Has there been any news or updates on the 12th Monorail and when it might be in service? Have not seen or heard anything in a while. Thanks
  7. degunter

    Disney World Facts

    I found this clip from a paper prior to Walt Disney World's Opening in 1971.
  8. degunter

    Expansion of Utilidors

    Has there been any discussion about expanding the Utilidors under the new Fantasyland Expansion? I understand it was not possible before because of the 20,000 Leagues Lagoon, but now since that is gone, it seems like they could utilize some space under the new restaurants and Ariel attraction...
  9. degunter

    Busiest Days at the parks

    Can someone please help me out here? Out of these 5 major holidays, which are the busiest for each park? Easter July 4th Thanksgiving Christmas New Years Eve Please state your source too. I am looking for something I can back up and not just random people's opinion (I have those...
  10. degunter

    monorails shutdown

    I am at the TTC at 8:30 Saturday night and the monorail has been shutdown. They are making us take the ferry. Anyone know what's going on?
  11. degunter

    Monorails Pink & Purple Removed from TTC

    Does anyone know how and when Monorails Pink and Purple were removed from the TTC on Sunday/Monday? Any video or photos of the removal? Has anyone heard how long repairs will take and when/if they will be returned to service? Thanks!
  12. degunter

    Worst Disney Decisions

    Was just wondering of the list above, which do you think is the worst decision Disney has made in recent years?
  13. degunter

    Space Mountain Refurb?

    What is the latest on any changes for Space Mountain? Time Frame? Extent of Changes to be made?
  14. degunter

    Contemporary Question

    How many TOTAL Floors does the Contemporary Have in the Original A-Framed Tower? I know there are 15 Floors listed.... but since there is no Floor 13, it is actually 14 Total, correct? My question is are there ONLY 14 floors? Is the Lobby considered Floor Number One? Sometimes you...
  15. degunter

    The Little Mermaid Ride

    I am sorry if this has been discussed before.... tried to do a search but did not see anything jumping out at me.... I just saw on the 2-Disc version of The Little Mermaid DVD a proposed dark ride attraction based on this film. Does anyone know if this will ever be built? Does anyone know...
  16. degunter

    Small Brush Fire after Illuminations

    So this was a first for me. Immediately following the Holiday Tag on Illuminations, I noticed something burning on one of the islands.... specifically the island directly in front of Japan. Within seconds it spread to about triple its original size and the crew rushed over in their boats to...
  17. degunter

    The American Adventure Updated?

    I was reading in the Mickey Monitor that The American Adventure Finale has been updated? Has this already happened? I do not remember seeing anything about it and have not had any luck searching for it either.... Thanks... Daniel
  18. degunter

    Tomorrowland Transit Authority

    What does it mean with the castmember operating the People Mover/TTA says "We have a Stitch Invastion" and the evacuate the ride? My sister witnessed this last night as they were getting ready to board. She said the castmembers looked "panicked" and kept having to tell everyone to remain in...
  19. degunter

    Fourth of July - National Anthem

    One of my best Disney memories was being at Epcot on July 4th and hearing Sandi Patti's version of The Star Spangled Banner and being overwhelmed with the number of pyrotechnics exploding all around. The last time I remember being there for this was in 1998 or 1999. The last few times I have...
  20. degunter

    2007 Shareholders Meeting

    Does anyone know when and where the 2007 Shareholders Meeting will be? If not, does anyone have any idea when that information will be released? Thanks! Daniel
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