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    I forgot one! Pirates of the Caribbean-Mickey and Friends version!

    I forgot one! Pirates of the Caribbean-Mickey and Friends version!
  2. BelleWannaBe77

    THANKS SO MUCH!!! I didn't know about several of those. I'll add to the list too with some I...

    THANKS SO MUCH!!! I didn't know about several of those. I'll add to the list too with some I have! There are actually two different Little Mermaid has Ariel 3 times, and the other set has Prince Eric and Ursula. They also made one for Mulan, Brother Bear, and the Casting Call Love...
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    Hey! I noticed in one of your previous posts that you also collect the Disney Storybook...

    Hey! I noticed in one of your previous posts that you also collect the Disney Storybook Ornaments. By any chance do you have a list of all of them ever made?? I'm also a collector of them and would love to see how far off I am from having them all! Ive googled the question and no one seems to...
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    Epcot drinking tour

    When I did this last year, we took a pic in every country of us holding our drink and wearing a hat from that country! It was pretty amusing and every country had very silly hats!
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    Christmas day at Disney

    Hey! Okay, to start off with...have you made dinner reservations yet?? If not, DO IT NOW!! There are absolutely NO walk in reservations available on christmas or around christmas, trust me. Christmas is unfortunately a lot busier than Thanksgiving week, but if you plan correctly you'll be...
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    Ideas for Surprising Girlfriend w/ Trip!

    OKAY! i have an idea i think she'd love! first, do you all live in the same house/will be together when she wakes up christmas morning?? if so, to wake her up that day, get a small bell and ring it next to her face and when she starts to open her eyes, sprinkle glitter everywhere. and then...
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    How busy is the weekend prior to Thanksgiving?

    you're best bet is december 3-10. i worked at the dhs then, and it's definately the most dead week of the holiday season. plus, all of the decorations are up!!
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    Telling your school about the CP...?

    To be perfectly blunt, it really doesn't matter what your adviser thinks. They are there to advise you on what classes to take and when...not what life decisions to make! I actually didn't even tell my school, I just didn't sign up for classes again and had to re-enroll after the...
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    Would you still visit WDW after CP?

    For me, it was the situation where sometimes I dreaded going to work and complained while I was there....but then on my days off I missed it :shrug: Overall, it is what you make it! I loved it and am still a seasonal cast member. Just remember to have the time of your life and take EVERY...
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    I need a favor please!!!

    Hey guys! So I did the WDWCP Fall 2007 and then switched seasonal afterwards. WELL I'm a student at the University of Kansas, just got my schedule at work and I have off June I was hoping to get down to Disney in order to keep my seasonal status. Basically this is the only time...
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    i met my roomie on here and we're still best friends even though our program ended jan 2008.
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    Universal and IOA first timer with questions

    i made it clear that i dont remember well, but she should consider it. i'm sure shes a smart woman and will look into things, but she should also be told about possible options. you seem to really dislike universal and stuff, and thats cool, but dont give others a negative view of it..let them...
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    Universal and IOA first timer with questions

    don't be silly, if someone hasn't been to universal or ioa ever/in a long time, they need to block out 3-4 days for it...not 3-4 hours. the theming is actually amazing and much more up to date than what you'd see at disney, so if you aren't into rides, you should have a great time exploring it...
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    Questions about Attractions

    I would say try working at the Animal Kingdom if you can stand the heat. The park closes SO early compared to MK! I worked at VOLM, Playhouse Disney, Backlot Tour, and Fantasmic at the studios and loved them all~!
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    Fall 09 Professional Internships

    I was wondering if there are any former PIs on here who could give some advice on what Disney looks for on resumes?? My resume is in the format that they taught in the Marketing You class during the CP. I'm horrible at resumes :brick:
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    Ya my roomie and I met online, on here! It turned out great because we became super good friends before actually meeting in person. Just be careful about what your roomies do, especially if you're in an under 21 apartment, make sure they don't keep alcohol in the apartment. Also, my whole...
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    Fall 09 Professional Internships

    ya its on go to 'apply now' on the left side of the page on feb. 14 and then the roles will be listed along with the qualifications and duties!
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    Summer 2009 Question

    Hey there! Well, why can't you take summer classes before and after the WDWCP, then you'd be caught up? Finding housing in Orlando is hard, but there are condos nearby which aren't too hooribly expensive and are fully furnished. I'll try to find the name of it. Also, check out these...
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    backlot tour?

    they have to fix the canyon, im assuming. i worked there this past summer and its ummm falling apart big time.
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    2009 summer alumni program

    i'm applying right now!
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