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  1. Goofyque'

    Yes, Virginia, a last minute Christmas trip is still possible!

    Less than 30 days out, just booked a trip the week before Christmas. Got MCVP tickets, FP+ booked (including Soarin' and 7DMT) Dining at Skipper, Tiffins, and Mama Melrose. So excited, just reminding everyone that even at peak times, you can still do it!
  2. Goofyque'

    In other news, Churros no longer available at AK

    Let the wailing begin! Also no more Jalepeno pretzels, will have to go to Epcot or the water parks. ¡Qué lástima!
  3. Goofyque'

    Toy Story 4

    Tom Hanks currently in Oakland working on Toy Story 4. Any info on the timing of the movie release and Toy Story land? Excited for both!
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