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  1. spock8113

    What effect has Covid have on the 50th anniversary

    Ahhh, don't worry! It's all going away when the weather gets warmer? Wait! It's already warmer in Florida? I would think Disney would want in on developing a vaccine just so they can open their parks again. Mary Poppins could whip it up and follow it with a spoon full of sugar. She could call...
  2. spock8113

    Quarantine from NY, NJ, CT Ends

    It's as easy as ABC. They need the C......A......S......H......! The Convention was cancelled for good reasons and that lost alot of money for Florida. The same philosophies should apply to these theme parks. If People from these states won't come because they have to quarantine, they simply...
  3. spock8113

    News Carousel of Progress Closed

    As someone who saw the GE Carousel Of Progress at the 1964 World's Fair, I can say while nostalgic and one of Disney's greatest technological rides, it needs an overhaul to some degree. I'd say they simply brought the 1964 seats to the existing ride. The storyline is basically the same just the...
  4. spock8113

    On layoffs, very bad attendance, and Iger's legacy being one of disgrace

    It's fairly basic: The Disney Company has lost Disney's main spirit of "Affordable family entertainment." They have lost their way by looking at the bottom line only and that has devastated "company" morale. As a side note, I hate the new massive hotels that resemble "Biff's Pleasure Palace"...
  5. spock8113

    In what ways will COVID-19 change how you vacation at Disney?

    Not going until they show some concern for the Cast members and customers.
  6. spock8113

    WDW Still Struggling with Safety and Unions

    If Disney isn't looking at this: they should be and before you go you should look it over as well. The state is an epidemic center for the entire country and Disney's going to open their parks while Florida sends...
  7. spock8113

    Do you think that Disney world will reclose its gates due to the rising number of COVID cases in Florida and around the country?

    IMHO, if they don't delay like Disneyland, they are setting up to look just their governor, who by the way, is probably pressuring Disney because the unemployment rates for Orange and Osceola counties are 23.2% and 31.1% respectively. This may also be reason for the push to open schools so...
  8. spock8113

    Minnie Vans Gone For Good?

    This is because Mary Barra is the GM CEO and now on the Disney Board: "During her first year as CEO, General Motors issued 84 safety recalls involving over 30 million cars. Barra was called before the Senate to testify about the recalls and...
  9. spock8113

    Do you think that Disney world will reclose its gates due to the rising number of COVID cases in Florida and around the country?

    I'm surprised they haven't done it yet what with the delayed opening for DisneyLand. Disney was watching the Corona virus from China way back in January, and maybe sooner, and is one of the reasons they closed all their parks early, fully and all at once. I think they had great insight into the...
  10. spock8113

    Controversial/ Unpopular theme park opinions

    Not unpopular or controversial with this Disney fan. I would call this tragically accurate. So much todo about a boat ride like the Land and Small World (w/ only 1 animatronic) and a ride that is like those old arcade motorcycle games with just a bigger screen
  11. spock8113

    WDW Reopening Estimates

    The Disney Organization is worldwide, it is also not stupid. They listen to the right people at their corporate level and the public doctors as well. The legitimate fear of a fall re-occurrence along with the seasonal flu is weighing heavy on their minds. So I would agree with some that 2021 is...
  12. spock8113

    Unnecessary harsh treatment of children in public spaces at WDW

    It's interesting that most people here feel a child's temper tantrum should not be tolerated, yet we seem to condone it in the country's leaders.
  13. spock8113

    Guest Reportedly Seen Falling from Disney’s Contemporary Resort

    "the reassurance that she will never have to pretend to be happy in order to be loved and valued." but this is the complete opposite of what Disney is, a huge front for happiness? Disney wants their employees to feel loved and valued because they "appear" happy. The parks are full of this from...
  14. spock8113

    Lost and Found Frustration

    I would guess there were pictures and videos on that phone as well? That's really the sad part losing all that. I would also guess you're daughter has no banking or anything like that on the phone?? Hopefully? Then there's all kinds of personal information on there as well. This is why I hate...
  15. spock8113

    What do YOU want to see at Disney Springs?

    Ok, here’s what I can see and get just a few blocks from my own house: Dave and Busters OR Round 1 Entertainment iFLY Indoor SkyDiving Mini golf OR Topgolf-like concept Art Museum Broadway Theater NYE Nightclub District Dinner Show Jubilee's Bojangle's Texas de Brasil Johnny Rocket's McDonald's...
  16. spock8113

    News Disney Has Purchased Approximately 235 Acres of Land

    It seems some of the meticulous maps calculating park area include parking areas and bodies of useless water. How about number of rides, number of food stands/restaurants and shops. For AK, the zoo could be one ride, etc. My fifth gate, RetroDisney©, where all the rides from the past reside as...
  17. spock8113

    disney parks research paper

    Research the 1939 Worlds Fair and it's influence on sponsorship and the '39 Fair's Unisphere that influenced the EPCOT Ball\
  18. spock8113

    Why don’t we have something like “Great Moments with Walt Disney”?

    This idea does have merit, but at the same time it may appear like cashing in some more like building 7K plus seating at the Field of Dreams.
  19. spock8113

    What's the max amount of time you could spend at WDW without getting bored?

    5 days - one park per day and an extra day for odds'n'ends. After that, the atmosphere is too simplistic, rainbows and unicorns. Way too many up-talkers, you know when they finish their sentences with a swing up in pitch.
  20. spock8113

    New Mid-Day Ticket Option

    Please.....PLEASE...….PLEASE!!!! Stop screwin' around with the all-too-many, complicated ticket options and prices to get people to come to the parks because you raised prices from the start. It's no incentive to me. I just assume go to Universal, SeaWorld, Busch Gardens or the Holy Land...
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