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  1. Alice a

    Halloween 1997?

    Hello! As SC natives only 6 hours away, we went to WDW every few years in the 80s, 90s, and 00s. My young cousins from Seattle are fairly sure they rode Horizons and the original Journey into Imagination when we did a family meet-up during Halloween week 1997. I don't remember much of that...
  2. Alice a

    Add 1 day to current hopper, or buy 1-day, single-park ticket?

    Searched this forum and didn't see a relevant thread, apologies if this is redundant. We're doing a Band/WDW all-in-one trip - Wednesday- Band, Thursday- WDW, Friday & Saturday- Band, then 3 days of WDW. Because Friday night's show is only about 2 hours from WDW, we could get in a few hours of...
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