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  1. NearTheEars

    Magicband Shipping

    Just was checking out the tracking information on the band I ordered after renewing my AP and noticed it was shipped from Davenport, FL, to Illinois and then back down here again. Just thought it was kind of funny as Davenport is a little over an hour from my house haha. I'm guessing they send...
  2. NearTheEars

    Amazon Ad

    Getting a little frustrated with an Amazon Ad that I'm being directed to on nearly every visit the past week or so. It takes you completely out of the forum to a new page and the back button doesn't work to return. I know sometimes you can't control how some of the ads work, but this one seems...
  3. NearTheEars

    Impressed by the Christmas offerings

    We recently got SeaWorld/Busch Gardens APs as a way to help fill the gaps during our Disney blackout dates. We aren't blacked out yet, but we have gone to SW that past two weekends to check out their Christmas shows and, wow, we were really impressed. And it's ALL included with admission. The...
  4. NearTheEars

    MDE App: Constantly having to log in

    This started happening a couple of months ago, likely after an update. Does anyone else get hit with a constant pop up to log into the app every time they open it? Even when it's been running in the background on your phone. Man it is annoying. Before, once you logged initially, it seemed like...
  5. NearTheEars

    NYT article on the Guardians Tower
  6. NearTheEars

    Main Street Quartet (Dapper Dans)

    Just came across several YouTube videos of the "Main Street Quartet," a barbershop group made up of singers from the Walt Disney World Dapper Dans that perform outside of the parks, including in the Barbershop Society's annual international competition. You'll be sure to recognize a few of them...
  7. NearTheEars

    Holiday Inn Resort Lake Buena Vista

    We had a weekend getaway for our anniversary last week 6-3 to 6-5 and we stayed at this Holiday Inn. It is near Disney Springs, but not the one within walking distance. The wife had wanted to stay on property, but I shot that idea down after seeing that even just staying at an All-Star that...
  8. NearTheEars

    Awful guest behavior

    We decided to brave the crowds last night to enjoy the fireworks at the Magic Kingdom on the Fourth. We just paced ourself, endured the rain, and loved the show. But after ... We walked over to ride the Haunted Mansion, our favorite, and after the stretching room one fellow would not stop...
  9. NearTheEars

    ESPN Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow commercial.

    This ESPN national signing day commercial caught my eye earlier this week. It features the song used in CoP. Not the best video, but you'll get the idea:
  10. NearTheEars

    Ohio State Championship parade

    According to the ad campaign The OSU mascot Brutus is supposed to be honored with a parade. Anyone have an idea when? Big Buckeyes fan and I'd like to head over but haven't heard anything yet.
  11. NearTheEars

    Montage of Christmas at Walt Disney World

    I haven't done much video shooting / editing since I abandoned my degree field for newspapers. But for (early) Christmas this year I bought a GoPro to take along to the parks with us during our day trips. Here is my first attempt at shooting with this little camera. It's a montage of Christmas...
  12. NearTheEars

    Elf popcorn buckets

    This is kind of random, but my DF had her eye on the we Mickey Elf premium popcorn bucket while we were at DHS and EPCOT over the weekend. But ... We forgot to pick one up on the way out. My question: I was planning to head over to DTD solo on Saturday and wondered if there were any popcorn...
  13. NearTheEars

    Getting seated without an ADR

    We stopped by EPCOT yesterday to meet some family in town this week on vacation. We walked to the Mexico pavilion for the ride, and it was dinner time, and on a whim, they said "let's eat here." I chuckled (with an I am an AP and know everything tone) and said, "on a holiday weekend without and...
  14. NearTheEars

    Waterparks refill mug

    I bought one of the refill mugs the other day at Blizzard Beach. Used it all day, so it was well worth it. I saw that it said you could pay I think $6.99 to reactivate it for another day. Is that a one time only thing? Does it have to be within a certain amount of time?
  15. NearTheEars

    First Person: FastPass+ as an Annual Passholder

    I've been withholding my judgement of FastPass+ until the day I was able to experience it myself. Well, that long-awaited day came Sunday (March 16, 2014) when I set off for a quick trip down the Florida Turnpike to Walt Disney World, equipped with my iPhone, My Disney Experience App and 3...
  16. NearTheEars

    Christmas parade, fireworks tomorrow

    From what I understand, after the last MVMCP, the parade and fireworks continue to run for the general visitors. We were hoping to drive over tomorrow. Does anyone know what times the parade runs? Does it run instead of MSEP? I've tried to search, but keep coming up with just times for the party.
  17. NearTheEars

    Joined the proposed at Walt Disney World Club

    The big day was Saturday and it worked out perfectly. She had no idea it was coming and the moment was captured by a very nice photopass photographer in the Rose Garden. After reading some advice here, I did it early in the day so we could enjoy the whole day, complete with the old "Just...
  18. NearTheEars

    Spaceship Earth descent

    Hello all, just back from spending the day at Epcot for the F&W Festival (it was fantastic). Anyway, I've seen people talk about the descent on SSE and that "they need to get rid of all the garbage" and "it needs to be fixed." Now after hearing this, I really tried to keep my eyes peeled...
  19. NearTheEars

    Why the hate for MyMagic and Fastpass+

    In my short time here I've seen plenty of "I hate it" "It's dumb" "What were they thinking" but little explanation why. As a local, when I first heard about being able to book our Fastpasses before we head the park I thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. I even excitedly called...
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