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  1. BubbaQuest

    Universal charging for Uber pickup

    Charge added for Uber customers picked up from Universal "The rideshare company Uber told News 6 on Friday that ever since Oct. 21 riders picked up at Universal Studios Orlando have been billed an extra $4 surcharge...Uber also said that Universal expressed concerns for rider safety and then...
  2. BubbaQuest

    Universal files patent for driverless transport vehicles

    Interesting timing since one of the Uni threads was just talking about transportation between parks. Looks like this is specific to in-park transport, but it does make me wonder if Uni is thinking about overpasses between parks and hotels that would only operate these vehicles. Universal...
  3. BubbaQuest

    Comcast Q4/Year End 2018 Earnings Report Some highlights: - Universal’s theme park revenue increased 3.5% on last year to $1.5 billion. For the full year, revenue was up 4.4% to $5.7 billion - In 2018, NBCUniversal increased its capital spending more than 15% year-over-year to $1.7...
  4. BubbaQuest

    Comcast trying to outbid Disney for Fox assets

    I believe this has been rumored before, but it sounds like Comcast "officially" may try again to buy Twenty First Century Fox by outbidding Disney's offer. I can't keep up...
  5. BubbaQuest

    Emeril's restaurant to close

    According to Screamscape, the employees at Emeril's CityWalk were told today that the restaurant will be closing July 7th. Really sad to hear this. It was great to have a nice upscale restaurant in CityWalk. Anyone have more details?
  6. BubbaQuest

    Universal purchases another 100 acres in Orlando It looks like this will give Uni direct access to their new 340+ acre lot via Kirkman and Sand Lake Rd. It does make me wonder if Uni will now build 2 parks there. One facing...
  7. BubbaQuest

    DCA Summer of Heroes commercial

    Recently saw this on a local LA TV station: I know I need to just get over it, but I really don't want to see Spiderman flying over DLR :(
  8. BubbaQuest

    [SPECULATION] Wet-n-wild gondola hub?

    From the WDW gondola thread.... Anything you know that you might like to share Disneyhead? :) I know there has been much talk about a possible Uni tram system for the yet to be started (and maybe never to be started) airport to conference center light rail. Could Uni be pitching a gondola...
  9. BubbaQuest

    Universal offers 2 day ticket with 2 days free (4 days total)

    Since I know several people were asking about spring trips to Universal, thought I would pass this along. Universal is offering a 2-Park 2-Day ticket that includes 2 days free. A $30 savings. "Ticket is valid for any four (4) calendar days during a seven (7) consecutive calendar day...
  10. BubbaQuest

    Sony billion dollar write down, will Disney go after Spiderman?

    Sony announced today a billion dollar write down of some of their assets, primarily due to poor home entertainment sales and poor movie performance. “The impairment charge resulted from a downward revision in the future profitability projection for the Motion Pictures business within the...
  11. BubbaQuest

    Universal Theme Park revenue up 48% for 2016

    I couldn't find any details on attendance numbers other than "shattered attendance records", but a 32% increase in fourth-quater revenue is impressive. Universal did acknowledge much of this was due to the purchase of Uni Japan though (13% 4Q increase without Japan). (warning auto-play)...
  12. BubbaQuest

    [Rumor] USH testing Hogwarts light show?

    According to Inside Universal, Universal Studios Hollywood is testing a nighttime show for the Wizarding World similar to the opening ceremonies. I figured this would be a no-go for Hollywood because of the neighbors on the hill and this would happen at IoA first. Anybody hear any other rumors?
  13. BubbaQuest

    Google Timelapse: Universal Studios and IOA

    I also posted something similar in the Disneyland forums...Google recently added additional years to their Earth Timelapse feature. Universal Orlando 1984 - 2016:,-81.45999,11.973,latLng&t=1.69 As a west coaster, I had now idea the changes...
  14. BubbaQuest

    Google Timelapse: watch a parking lot turn into DCA

    Unfortunately you can't zoom in any closer and the resolution is poor, but inside the blur of pixels you can see a gray parking lot turn into DCA. And at the end, the remaining lot turn into Cars Land. Disneyland resort 1984-2016...
  15. BubbaQuest

    Not Orlando related, but USJ will spend $485M on Nintendo area

    Expected to open in 2020. $485M is more than Wizarding World, so lets hope we will see similar investment in Orlando: P.S. Looks like the source in the original Japanese...
  16. BubbaQuest

    Universal's 6th hotel, Adventura?

    Looks like Universal filed a permit for another hotel behind Sapphire Falls. A 600 room tower potentially called 'Adventura Hotel'.
  17. BubbaQuest

    Uni Orlando ads finally starting to make sense?

    Just saw the first Universal Resort commercial in a long time that finally makes sense. Out here on the west coast, it's usually been some confusing generic commercial with a picture of Potter or Fast and Furious without any real ideal if they are talking about a movie or a ride or Florida or...
  18. BubbaQuest

    December refurbishments?

    I know it's a bit early, but I'm wondering if anyone knows of any scheduled closures for early December. I'm assuming most everything will be open because of the holiday, but it occurred to me that I'm not sure when Universal normally schedules maintenance.
  19. BubbaQuest

    Orlando Sentinel: Higher prices key to Disney parks' record returns

    Interesting to see what many of us already assumed: "Since the end of the global economic downturn, Walt Disney World and the rest of Disney's...
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