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  1. BCVTalsJam

    BCV - Renovation - Details Please of Deluxe Studios

    I am a DVC owner at Poly and BCV and we have not been back to BCV since they started the renovations. I called DVC yesterday and they told me that the renovations are complete but I can barely find any pictures or details about the new rooms. SOOO I am reaching out to you all. If any one has...
  2. BCVTalsJam

    How Many Days for You!

    Whether it's 400 days or 5 let everyone know how long until your next Disney Vacation! Tell everyone where you are going and where you are staying as well! This always makes me feel better, even when it's 800 days to go! 23 days - Walt Disney World - Beach Club Villas!
  3. BCVTalsJam

    Beach Club Pool...

    Hey does anyone know if you are allowed to have guests over to swim if you are staying at BCV? My family is staying at BWV and we have a 6 month old and everyone wants to take her swimming at Stromalong bay...
  4. BCVTalsJam

    Booking tomorrow!

    Tomorrow I am booking 2 weeks at BCV for January 2014...CAN'T WAIT TO GO! It will be our daughters first time at Disney since she will be born this July. We can't wait! We usually go in January and October but with our little girl on the way we postponed all of our Disney trips this year. (Sad...
  5. BCVTalsJam

    More points for us at BCV

    My wife and I just added 25 more points onto our existing contract at Beach Club Villas and we can't wait to go back home again! We love the Beach Club and already miss it :(
  6. BCVTalsJam

    Here we Goooo!

    It's 4am and we are driving to the airport...BCV here we come! 9 days of being home!
  7. BCVTalsJam

    Pins and Air Travel...?

    I just had a quick questions about bringing your pins on as a carry on. We have done this once before but I always get worried...has anyone else brought a book of pins in you carry on luggage on the plane? They are too heavy to pack :)
  8. BCVTalsJam

    Pins and Air Travel

    Hey just wanted to know if I can carry my Disney pins on the plane with me. Has anyone ever tried this?
  9. BCVTalsJam

    RFID Locks at the Beach Club?

    I was reading on Disboards and they stated that the Beach Club already has these locks...but I did not see any news of this yet. Is anyone at Beach Club or was just there who can let me know if the new locks are installed yet?
  10. BCVTalsJam

    Any pointers for our first trip to the Beach Club villas?

    My wife and I are going to be staying at our new home at the Beach Club Villas. Does anyone have any pointers or anything we should know about the Beach Club/Villas before we go...any help would be appreciated! 25 days to go!!!
  11. BCVTalsJam

    DVC Merchandise Discount Question...

    Hello everyone...I was wondering if anyone knew if the New DVC 10% off (Starting Oct. 1st) could be used in the Epcot World Showcase stores...i.e. China/France/Mexico etc...
  12. BCVTalsJam

    48 days until BCV!

    My wife and I will be going to stay at out home at the Beach Club Villas on October 14 through the 22nd (48 days to go)! This will be the first time we are using our time share instead of our parents who have their home resort at Boardwalk. Can anyone give me any pointers or the low down on The...
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