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  1. KBLovesDisney

    Disney World's International Workers - a Go Fund Me?

    On a clip I recently watched this morning, they have set up (they, not sure who that they is) a Go Fund Me for the international workers that used to work in Epcot to help provide essentials. Questions: Did Disney not provide? Was there a certain care package in place that helped them but...
  2. KBLovesDisney

    Has the TTA opened yet?

    The past couple of live streams I watched of the Magic Kingdom shows that the TTA was running but nobody was on it. Anyone know?
  3. KBLovesDisney

    What if they just fixed things instead of tearing stuff and building new things?

    Should Disney have kept the older rides like Horizons, World of Motion, a.k.a everything like it was from the get-go and just gave them a new fresh of paint or do what they are doing now? Out with the old and in with the new... You decide. Have fun. Play nice.
  4. KBLovesDisney

    Rain forest Cafe :'(

    I just heard a couple of days ago that Landry's let go all their employees without pay and are possibly not re-opening? Anyone else heard this, and do you think Disney would keep Rain forest Cafe open for Animal Kingdom? That's one of my favorite restaurants there. :(
  5. KBLovesDisney

    (Rant to no one) I think Disney has an epic problem... that everything now has to be epic whether it is a new movie, new parade (I'm looking at you new & very weird Magic Happens), new ride, etc. Someone needs to let them know that just because it is "epic" doesn't automatically make it great. This may in fact may not be a recent trend, or...
  6. KBLovesDisney

    Frozen II, movie similarities? (some mild spoilers)

    Saw this in theaters and honestly it was great. Music was fantastic, story line was definitely darker, animation beautiful as always. But.... It had some story similarities to that of Ralph Breaks the Internet (or it's just me, who cares right?). - two inseparable people, but one has a drive...
  7. KBLovesDisney

    It's not Gordon Bombay...but... Yep. I don't have any other words.
  8. KBLovesDisney

    What do you think would happen if...

    ...they did away with the FastPass systems, boarding groups, etc.?🤔
  9. KBLovesDisney

    Purchasing a one day ticket no longer an option?

    It looks like on the main Disney website that they are no longer offering a single day (whether it is for a single park or park-hopper) option for purchase. When did that start?
  10. KBLovesDisney

    World of Disney Store change "change" your mind?

    Just curious.
  11. KBLovesDisney

    New Motorola Razr clamshell smart phone Yep, I want it.
  12. KBLovesDisney

    High School Musical, in High School Musical, of High School Musical

    Was just browsing my Instagram and boom. Got an ad for Disney+ for a High School Musical show about kids wanting to make High School Musical for a High School Musical...Musical. Yeah....I don't know what is going on either.:rolleyes:
  13. KBLovesDisney

    Binge watch Disney movies and Disney may pay you...

    Yep. What the title says! (It's a contest of sorts, but I think it is more Disney Desperation):cautious:
  14. KBLovesDisney

    Maleficent 2: Ads, ads, and more ads

    I know advertising is something of use but my gawd. There are ads everywhere for this upcoming movie! Anyone else notice this?
  15. KBLovesDisney

    As many problems and goings on at Disney...

    I'm ready to go back!:bawling: Because I miss it dagnabbit, regardless of problems/issues/dole-whips-not-enough-dole-and-too-much-whip and what have you, I am more than ready to go back!
  16. KBLovesDisney

    Disney Movie Club

    I received something in the mail yesterday that I haven't seen in several years. It was the Disney Movie Club with those peel off stickers of movies you want and send back to get. Anyone else getting these again?
  17. KBLovesDisney

    "Timeless Disney", a thing of the recent past?

    With many changes that are coming (and the ones that are currently in progress), have we lost that Disney that we always thought would be around? Yes it may be from nostalgic eyes and minds and blah blah blah, but look at today and compare for me. What do you all think? As always, be cool...
  18. KBLovesDisney

    Lady brought a free pass in from 1985 for Disneyland... Interesting read.
  19. KBLovesDisney

    Since nostalgia is a big deal right now...

    If we had the option, what would you want and why?
  20. KBLovesDisney

    70s/80s/90s Disney or today and beyond?

    Guys, I don't know whether it is because of the amounts of change going on or nostalgia for me, but I am really missing what others call the tacky version of the 90s now. Well, I miss it. Ok? The 90s might have been tacky to some of you, but it played such a big role for me as a kid. That is...
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