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  1. Leo!

    Crowds / Weather for August & October trips

    Hi all, I'll be @ WDW in August (21 to 26) and @ Disneyland in October (1st to 6th). What can I expect in therms of crowds and weather?. Any recent experiences (2013, 2014)? Thanks in advance, Leo
  2. Leo!

    FP+ and park hopper

    Hi all, Last time when i was @WDW, it was imposible to add and "extra" FP+ selecion in other park, after redeeming the previus 3 in one park. I've tryed with the app having the same error: "we're having technical difficulties...etc". Is it possible to do it with the app, or you've to do it...
  3. Leo!

    Walt Disney Brazilian World

    Hi folks, I'm returning from my trip to wdw right now. I've been there from 30/1 to 01/2. My first impression was crowds: - MK was very crowded on sat 31/1: POTC had 40 minutes @ 11:30 PM. Big thunder 60 minutes @ 11:45 PM. Haunted Mansion, 45 minutes. - Epcot, the same on fri 30 and sat...
  4. Leo!

    October... not anymore!

    HI all, I've just returned from the world. I was there from 8 to 15. I had very busy days in the parks and it was complicated to do everything: dining, riding without fastpass, even purchasing food. Lines with +60 minutes for the big rides, extra magic hours from 1 to 3 AM (kidding?) and a...
  5. Leo!

    Country 12 for EPCOT

    Hi all, The purpose of the thread is to select a country number 12 for EPCOT, but not ONLY with a vote. You've to put also, one show/attraction, one food/restaurant and one merchandise for the country selected. Most options, were selected from food and wine kiosks and other from what I've saw...
  6. Leo!

    Aaaaaaand... PAID !!!

    Well, today i've paid 100% of two packs (room+dining+tickets). One for my family and the other for my mother, my sister and her husband ;) What a great feeling!, we were planning this trip since 2010! 5 more months!!!
  7. Leo!

    Reservations and offers

    HI all, I've a reservation for October 8-15, two rooms @ Pop, magic your way plus quick service dining. It was not an offer, I've just selected the package options and that's what I'm paying right now. The question is, if a special offer like free dining is released in a future before the...
  8. Leo!

    Graduation trip revisited - Miami/WDW or Disneyland/LV?

    Hi all!, With my old friends (I call them, friends of my life), we're making big plans for 2016. In 2016, will be 20 years of our graduation trip. We're a group of five since high school with different profiles and stories. I'm living in Mexico (married with a Mex girl and with 2 mex kids)...
  9. Leo!

    shuttle/bus from Miami airport to Orlando

    Hi all!, We're going to WDW in October and flying straight to Orlando but my mom, is going to Miami (She lives in Argentina) and the difference with the flight if she add an extra route to Orlando is almost 500 USD. Anybody had an experience going from MIA to Orlando with a shuttle / bus...
  10. Leo!

    october discounts

    Hi all, A quick question. When the october offers are released? (room discountsor free dining plans) Thanks Leo
  11. Leo!

    Oh no!... Columbus day!

    Hi all, I've been @ WDW during October, but in 2014 it will be our first Columbus weekend. My major concern is the crowd levels. We will be there from October 8 to 14... so my questions are: - Is it possible to go 2 the parks on that weekend or it's absolutely insane?. For "Insane" I mean...
  12. Leo!

    A good tip for flights to WDW

    Hi all, My name is Leo and I live in Mexico City, Mexico since 2006. One of my biggest problems planning our trips to Orlando is the flight fares, but lastly i found a very good service on internet. I don't know if there's another similar services but i'll share my own method. The page is...
  13. Leo!

    1st week of december crowded or system problems?

    Hi all, I'm trying to book a magic your way package from dec 4 to dec 9, and most of the resorts have no available rooms for 2 adults and 2 children. The only ones available i think its the coronado springs and other deluxe one. It's the first time that i'm having those results so my question...
  14. Leo!

    Discounts for October/November

    Hi all, Quick question: Does anybody knows when the discounts / promotions for October / November are goin to be offered? Last year we've catched the quick service dining and it was a huge advantage. Regards Leo
  15. Leo!

    What to expect in march?

    Hi everyone!, I'll be @ the world in march... from 3rd to 9th. How will be the crowds and the weather?... i'm trying a "new month" looking for a good weather and light/manageable crowds. My past experience was last september, finding medium/light crowds but horrible weather (extremely...
  16. Leo!

    First two weeks of march...

    Hi all again, After two bad experiences (goin' on september & october) we're planning to go the first two weeks of march '12... What about the crowds, cold & prices? Is it a good time to go? why? Thanks! L.
  17. Leo!

    Question about a 3 year old...

    Hi all again, I'm planning the wdw trip for November of 2012. My question is: if my little baby will be a 3 year old during the stay (middle of the stay)... - Do I have to purchase tickets for him? (for the days that he'll be 3). The same applies for the dining plan that I want to pay...
  18. Leo!

    Why GF is not "popular"?

    Hi all again, Reading other threads like "how many days", I'm wondering why the grand floridian is not really popular. I mean, there's lots of members goin' to deluxe hotels but just a few to GF. Just a comment: I've stayed there like a month ago and the hotel & services are really good...
  19. Leo!

    Bad experience with September & October... so when?

    Hi all, Trying to avoid crowds and heat, I was there this time from september 7 to 17th. The problem this time was the heat, cos the crowds were totally manageable (30 minutes of time in popular rides max). The only problem with crowds were on sites of quick service dining, with everyone...
  20. Leo!

    September 7 - 17 Crowds????????

    Hi all, Anyone knows how it's going to be?. I've been in October 2010 (14 to 22th) and the crowds were terrible. I really don't care about the halloween party or the F&W... but I want light-to-medium crowds. Thanks in advance! Leo
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