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  1. meekoman

    Coronado Springs updated map

    I'm going to be staying for a couple of days for the first time the second week of Dec in a preferred room. Is there a map that shows what building those rooms are in? Also, I've seen something about getting a free resort mug and pins during construction. Any truth to that?
  2. meekoman

    Annual Passholder merchandise

    I bought an AP for the first time and was wondering where you find the merchandise that is exclusive for the pass? For example, I'm looking for a lanyard and there are a couple things for the F&W festival I'd like.
  3. meekoman

    Other transportation from airport to Uni

    I have a friend that has an 8 hour layover at the airport when the bus drops him off after departing the Disney Cruise. He thought he might like to kill several hours and go to Uni. Other than taking a taxi from MCO to Uni, does anyone know of any other transportation available?
  4. meekoman

    Newly single, need advice

    Planning on a trip in October or November, but, will be going as a newly single guy. I've been to WDW over 35 times, but, I'm feeling kind of intimidated by going alone. I guess I could use some advice from folks who have gone as a single person for the first time.
  5. meekoman

    Beer flights at F&G Festival

    Getting ready to attend the F&G Fest in a few weeks and see that there are 2 beer flights available. Anyone try these? Which beers are offered? Also, any suggestions of good beers offered for the festival?
  6. meekoman

    A friend asked me for some adivce...

    A friend of mine asked me for some time and money saving tips since it was her and her families' first time going to WDW. They were only going to MK and AK. I ended up typing up a 12 page 'guide' for her. She ended up taking it with her to the parks. I wonder how long it would have been if...
  7. meekoman

    Any open edition pins from Epcot's 30th?

    I guess I haven't seen any pics of any open edition pins at all. Just LE and the mystery box. For the MK's 40th, they had several to choose from.
  8. meekoman

    Cool Disney Flashmob video

    Don't know of anyone has seen this yet, but I ran across it tonight. It's a guy's proposal done through a flashmob at Downtown Disney at DL with his friends as the dancers.
  9. meekoman

    Art of Animation opening

    Just got back to my room from attending the grand opening ceremonies for the resort. The detail is absolutely awesome in everything. I attended the ceremony with Meg Crofton speaking for about 10 minutes after which, returning to the main building, cast members lined the hallway applauding...
  10. meekoman

    Rose and Crown drink list

    I've seen it listed here before, but I couldn't find it under search. Does anyone have the drink list menu anywhere? I had the snakebite last year, which was wonderful. Three weeks from arrival, I'm already planning my drink list.
  11. meekoman

    Experiences with DME late evening

    Our flight is due to land at 9:35pm in Orlando. I know there is a 10 pm rule in there somewhere where you need to schlep your own bags. A couple of questions... Since my flight lands just before 10, will DME grab our bags? Also, what are your experiences with baggage delivery that late at...
  12. meekoman

    D23 Membership

    Just curious how many D23 members are out there and if you think it's worth the price.
  13. meekoman

    Loss Damage Waiver coverage

    In the 20 years or renting cars, I've never opted for this insurance, taking the risk that the car wouldn't be totaled. I was just curious of what others do in this case. I know there are other insurance options that can be purchased as well.
  14. meekoman

    Has anyone else read this book?

    I just finished "The Epcot Explorer's Encyclopedia" by R.A. Pederson. I thought it was really good book about the background of the park and it's pavilions and countries. It even has the history of the parking lot. The majority of it was very well written, however, the second half of the book...
  15. meekoman

    Disney to close several ESPN Clubs,CST-NWS-roeder16web.article
  16. meekoman

    Comfort Inn LBV

    I noticed that they are saying they are newly refurbished. Has anyone stayed there since the refurb? It's been a couple of years since I've stayed there last and wondered what, if anything has changed.
  17. meekoman

    Need help finding a book

    I've been collecting the Birnbaum's official guides to WDW for many years now and I know I need the 1984 edition. It obviously isn't an easy book to find although I have several 1983 editions. Does anyone have that edition that could provide me with the ISBN number so I can try and track it...
  18. meekoman

    Suspicious device found under Disney bus.

    Hot off the wire....,0,4515206.story
  19. meekoman

    Performer dies days after fall

    Another sad day for castmembers and wdw fans alike....,0,7112500.story
  20. meekoman

    Entering Epcot through Intl Gateway

    I plan on dropping off my rental at the Swan and Dolphin and heading over to Epcot through the Gateway. How is it handled entering through here before 11 am when World Showcase opens?
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