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  1. degunter

    Disney Bus - Overnight Parking

    When not in use, where do they park all the Disney Transport Buses?
  2. degunter

    7DMT is currently on fire (11/1/14)

    Any daytime photos or videos of the damage yet???
  3. degunter

    Best place for Epcot fireworks outside the park?

    What is the best place to watch Epcot fireworks from outside the park?
  4. degunter

    Monorail Cab Question

    That's a great question... I was wondering the same thing!!! I want to get a photo in the Cab as well. I hope they will let us. I am going this weekend and if they let me do it, I will be sure to let you know!!!
  5. degunter

    Latest aerial photos - March 30 2012

    The Crane in Fantasyland I see the opening in the rockwork in between Ariel and the tents, but is that opening large enough to get that crane out of Fantasyland... I mean, I am sure it is, but it certainly does not look like it from the photos I have seen. But I don't have the best...
  6. degunter

    Massive Kissimmee hotel fire - smoke very visible from WDW property

    Many Stays I stayed here many many times between 1996 and 2003 while it was an Econolodge, mostly because it was cheap. Being from Tampa, I could not justify spending $70 plus per night (plus tax), so I would often get deals in the $30 range. The rooms were NOT plush, but back then, the rooms...
  7. degunter

    Crush's Coaster Rumor

    I agree, to a point I am not in favor of "clones" either. With that said, I think they should "clone" the sucessful technology as much as possible. I love that they have Soarin at two parks, but wish they would have different films, like a Soarin over the world at Epcot... Disney needs to...
  8. degunter

    Frequent Photo Updates

    Excellent! THanks!
  9. degunter

    Frequent Photo Updates

    Does anyone know of any other websites that have more frequent photo updates of the Fantasyland Expansion, including the Storybook Circus and Skyway Removal areas? I guess I am more use to Westcoaster.Net where they have had many photo updates of all the construction going on at DCA since it...
  10. degunter

    Have you ever met or saw a Celebrity at a Disney Park?

    Dan Marino We passed Dan Marino and his family in the Utilidors under Main Street during the Backstage Magic Tour way back in 1999 or 2000...
  11. degunter

    Test Track Cake

    Here is a link to some photos of a Test Track Cake a friend and I made this past weekend for a birthday party. I hope the link works...
  12. degunter

    WDW Vacationer Uses iPhone to Catch a Crook

    3 Minutes The 2-3 minutes was just how long it took him to run from his room to the boat docks AFTER he had located the phone online. It may have been 10-15 minutes to do everything else and the thief during that time was probably playing in the arcade, thinking there was no reason to be...
  13. degunter

    WDW Vacationer Uses iPhone to Catch a Crook

    Mug Shot and Record
  14. degunter

    WDW Vacationer Uses iPhone to Catch a Crook

    I think real life is that stupid... everything you describe is what would happen in the movies or on TV. Makes me want to take a bag and fill it will some type of chemical so that when the thief stuck his hand in the bad would instantly suffer from Chemical Burns...
  15. degunter

    Orlando High Speed Rail IS DEFINITE

    A loss for Florida I agree with those who are against spending the money on a project like this when we are so far in debt, but, and it is a BIG but, the money is already spent (or allocated) and will most likely be given to another state. So all those who are against spending the money and...
  16. degunter

    PHOTOS - Mickey Mouse meet & greet locations in Tomorrowland, L Square, Frontierland

    Multiple Locations I remember thinking the same thing as a young Child when we would go from MK to Epcot and the characters were there too... but that was like an hour apart and I remember my parents saying that is why we came to Epcot, because they knew Mickey was coming over there too... So...
  17. degunter

    PHOTOS - Mickey Mouse meet & greet locations in Tomorrowland, L Square, Frontierland

    Bad Show? We saw Mickey greeting guests by the Splash Mountain Exit... then got on the train and saw Mickey and Minnie greeting Guests in Tomorrowland... That's not suppose to happen is it???
  18. degunter

    Bon Voyage Toontown Fair

    Birthdayland Preview Here's a short video of the Mickey's Birthdayland Preview in 1988
  19. degunter

    Bon Voyage Toontown Fair

    Signage Is there anyting in the park right now that lets people know it will be closing on Feb 11???
  20. degunter

    Tomorrowland Speedway - Big Tree Removed

    Clarification Since I started this, I just wanted to say I was not complaining at all about the removal of the tree, I was just surprised that I had not heard anything about it. I meant it to be a sarcastic comment in that it seems like Disney is constantly being attacked for every little...
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