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    Bay lake tower site plan ca 2006

    Hi The link to the south Florida water management site is dead now. Does anyone have a copy saved off off the overhead blueprint that had the bay lake tower overlayed on top of the north wing? Thanks much!
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    News Mike and Sully replacing Star-lord and Groot Meet n' Greet

    Looks like rumors of Ralph taking over were greatly exaggerated.
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    New Early morning Studios upcharge event Enjoy - a Frozen version is inevitable
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    Disney Parks Social Media Blackout

    I certainly appreciate the gesture of going silent out of respect, but... Their $5.5B resort opens in less than 36 hours, Im truly shocked that the full court press has not launched. Coupled with the fact that the hourly Cast, partnered with the other attractions in central Florida put on a...
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    Speculation - MK Welcome Show to end

    Today Adventures by Disney announced a new Central Florida itinerary. Day 2 is various events at the Magic Kingdom. Of interest is a "Rope Drop Ceremony" to be held in the Central Hub. ROPE DROP CEREMONY Your spot has been saved! Gather at the central hub at Cinderella Castle, and be among...
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    Status of DLR Annual pass renewal parties

    Since it has been about two months since the last one, and I dont recall seeing the next one announced yet...should I be reading anything into that? Thanks
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    Finally phasing out Night of Joy

    Per the DPB, moves to wide world of sports next year. That's the first step. Note the time Is now after 5pm on a Friday on the east coast
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    Captain America appears at Contemporary Resort for corp event

    Dcharacternews just tweeted a video of Captain America introing Gen Powell at a corporate event. Does this mean they could do avengers character dining at the resorts or DTD?
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    Mulch Sweat & Shears end of run?

    Seeing a rumor going around they're done at the end of the month, true?
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    Aunt Polly's is open?

    Per @KevinYee
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    Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow to permanently close Nov 6

    Will Narnia make a comeback? Jk
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    Man visits WDW for 365 days Discuss
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    Oswald meet & greet character coming to DCA

    Micechat update today shows him starting on Buena Vista St September 14.
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    Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

    Hearing there is no summer program at the ranch after some smallish layovers for a mini long lost friends and a springtime festival so far this year until the return of Halloweentime. Any other info?
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    Garden Grill restaurant permanently immobile? No.

    Some people have been hearing this rumor-anyone else?
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    Destination D details released

    Looks like this was rescheduled from July to November. The thing people shouldnt be complaining about is the $1000 premium price tag. Its that TWDC PR department is going to make the costs to put on this event look like chump...
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    Disneyland Hotel Mothers Day brunch quietly cancelled

    Haven't seen anyone mention this. Pam Brandon wrote a blog post Thursday and slipped this in. Is Thanksgiving next?
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    New D23 Chief Any clue who this dude is?
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    MM+ Why we can't have nice things.

    Surprised no one noted this here... Editors note on micechat about layoffs at TDA ordered by Colglazier to offset MM+ losses in FL. Among other things, buried by a poster on the message board thread, the local social media team responsible for @dcatoday & @disneylandtoday will be laid off as...
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