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  1. jaklgreen

    Do people really think this??

    Hi all, I am a baker in a small cafe and have noticed over the past 3-4 years that people have stopped giving sufficient notice on special orders. It used to be that we would get at least 3-4 days(which is what is best and sometimes actually needed to get the work done) down to the night before...
  2. jaklgreen

    Dog poop

    We were at downtown Disney yesterday by the ESPN club walking back to our room in the afternoon and saw a "service" dog stop and poop right on the path. Plus the concrete was very hot and he kept lifting his paws and we could tell they were burning. Very bad pet owner.
  3. jaklgreen

    Christmas greeting from WDWmagic

    Thank your for the Christmas greeting you sent. It put a smile on my face this morning.
  4. jaklgreen

    F&WF Dining through the decades event

    So I was going to book this event on Oct 24 but the reserved seating was unavailable. So I asked the cast member how it was set up if general admission was going to have seating. She had to put me on hold and call over to who was in charge of the event and they told her NO. So anyone with gen...
  5. jaklgreen

    Hibachi Experience?

    Has anyone done the Hibachi experience at the F&WF? Any reviews would be appreciated. Ty
  6. jaklgreen

    Checking in at the port...

    We have Disney transportation from the airport to the port. In the past we have checked in at MCO and then when we got to the port just waited for our boarding time(which was usually one of the first). This is the first time they have had me pick a time to check in at the port when using Disney...
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