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  1. BelleWannaBe77

    I need a favor please!!!

    Hey guys! So I did the WDWCP Fall 2007 and then switched seasonal afterwards. WELL I'm a student at the University of Kansas, just got my schedule at work and I have off June I was hoping to get down to Disney in order to keep my seasonal status. Basically this is the only time...
  2. BelleWannaBe77

    Hair Color....

    Hey guys! I have dark brown hair and am planning on getting highlights before I go to the WDWCP. I'm going to get them all over my hair and a lot of question is, will this be okay? I'm scared they're going to tell me it's unnatural looking and I'll have to change it back, which is...
  3. BelleWannaBe77

    1st time and birthday pins...

    Hey guys! I was wondering, how do you get the birthday or 1st time pins? I'll be doing the CP in the fall, and my best friend's family are all going to come down....and it will be their first time!! It would be a cool surprise if I got those for them. Thanks!!
  4. BelleWannaBe77

    Starting work...

    Hey guys! For the CP, about how many days does it take until you start working after your check-in day? I'm arriving August 22 and wanted to know when my first day of work may be!!
  5. BelleWannaBe77


    Hey guys! I was just wondering, what would you recommend bringing that Disney doesn't have listed? Anything really random that you wish you would have had?? Also, should I bring my own dishes and cooking/eating utensils...or are theirs ok?
  6. BelleWannaBe77


    Hey guys! I recently got accepted into operations (YAY!!:ROFLOL: ) and was wondering if Disney provides uniforms or should I bring khakis/black pants? Please help! Thanks!! :kiss:
  7. BelleWannaBe77

    Hmmm, questions to ask?

    :kiss: hey everyone! i just submitted an application for the fall 2007 semester!!! :sohappy: ooo i want to get accepted soo badly!!! i was wondering if anyone had some good ideas of what to ask the interviewer. i really can't think of any questions at the moment!!! also, i turn 21 this...
  8. BelleWannaBe77


    Hey guys! I really want to do the Disney CP in the fall, but I'm confused about the whole insurance thing. In order to continue to get insurance under my parents, do I have to get the internship approved through my college? If they don't approve it, does anyone have temporary insurance plans...
  9. BelleWannaBe77


    Hey guys. My electricity just came back on after it went out Wednesday night, so I have sooo much to catch up on!! I was wondering how the whole interning after college works. Can I apply to go the semester after I graduate?? I want to go so bad, but the study abroad school I have my heart...
  10. BelleWannaBe77

    Guest Relations??

    Hey guys! Does anyone know someone who was in Guest Relations? How hard is it to get that job? Do they have certain things they're looking for? Also, would it be better to audition in person or is it ok to do it over the phone? Thanks!!
  11. BelleWannaBe77

    Best Time To Go??

    When do you guys think the best time to work at Disney is....the fall, spring, or fall/spring advantage programs?? Thanks!!
  12. BelleWannaBe77

    Jiko at the Animal Kingdom Resort

    OH my goodness. Honestly, at Jiko, I ate the best meal I've ever eaten (and I have traveled all over the country and also to France, England, Egypt, Italy, and China). I ordered the beef tenderloin (it was that or filet) and it came with mac and cheese!! It was white cheese and the sauce with...
  13. BelleWannaBe77

    Extra Perks??

    Hey guys!! I was wondering what perks the CP offers to friends and family. Do family/friends get some free passes to the park? If so, about how many? Also, can they get discounts on the hotels? Please tell me if you know of anything at all!! Thanks!! :kiss:
  14. BelleWannaBe77

    Vacation Planner???

    Hey!! Does anyone know anything about the Vacation Planner role? I haven't talked to anyone who's done it, so I was just wanting some feedback. Thanks!!
  15. BelleWannaBe77

    Please Help!!!

    Ok, one of my friends really wants to do the CP in spring of 2007, but she's afraid that it will really take her off track; she's already on a 5 year plan for an aerospace engineer. Any suggestions on how to convince her mom that this would be a good opportunity? She is a strict asian mother...
  16. BelleWannaBe77

    leaving behind a relationship?

    hey guys!! i was wondering if anyone is leaving behind a boyfriend or girlfriend for this program? :( i want to apply for the spring internship, but im really scared to leave my boyfriend. have any of you had to do this? was it hard? any advice? thanks!! :kiss:
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