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    How much would you pay????

    Inspired by fantasy08's discussion about the whether Epcot Showcase food is included with park tickets or not....... How much would you pay for unlimited food and drinks at Epcot? Effectively a park wide buffet of unlimited sit-down and counter services from crepes in France to beers in...
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    Only one of the four WDW main parks is a "Theme Park".

    And here I always believed all 4 were. Disney set me straight. Silly me! So what makes Animal Kingdom a theme park as compared to the other three???
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    MFSR 40 minutes; Slinky Dog 50

    On any given day I might drop into a park and sit back and absorb the atmosphere. On Tues afternoon I spontaneously decided to go over to Studios to drink some coffee, walk around and chat with some CM's. Something is not right. Considering the project scope, hype, and budget I'm getting the...
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    We are going to TDR and have pressing questions

    Hi gang, I know some of you on here are seasoned and might be able to help with a few questions. We will be staying on property at Hilton for 3 nights Dec 1, 2 and 3. Myself, 2 year old daughter, elder mom and wife. 1) does either monorail or Disney bus transport operate much earlier than...
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