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  1. Gartdog

    Oga's Cantina Reservation time

    So it appears reservations for Oga's Cantina open 14 days in advance. Does anyone know what time they start taking reservations?
  2. Gartdog

    Galaxy's Edge Tour Time Recommendations

    We will be traveling to Disneyland in mid-October, and visiting on a Thursday/Friday/Saturday. It looks like lines are starting to return to normal, so I am wondering if anyone has visited recently and what people would recommend on when to try the Millennium Falcon ride? My gut says to try to...
  3. Gartdog

    Tokyo Disneyland Fast Pass Question

    Has anyone been to Tokyo Disneyland very recently? I understand they still use the old paper Fast Passes. In the old days at WDW, you could stock pile Fast Passes in the morning, then come back and use them all in the afternoon even if it was outside of the return time window. Does anyone...
  4. Gartdog

    Trip Report Spring Break 2017 - Animal Kingdom Lodge Kidani Village

    First time posting in Trip Reports - I enjoy reading everyone's write-ups! I'm not going to be as detailed as most people but I thought I would throw out a few observations and thoughts to help anyone else going soon. Just returned today. Spent last week (March 25th - April 2nd, 2017). First...
  5. Gartdog

    Coffee maker - Animal Kingdom Lodge Kidani Village

    We will be staying in a two bedroom villa at the Animal Kingdom Lodge Kidani Village. Does anyone know what type of coffe makers they have in the rooms? Kurig or traditional? Thanks!
  6. Gartdog

    Should I get just two Fast Passes?

    For Epcot, the second tier passes are not all that useful - maybe one for Spaceship Earth but the rest seem like things you can practically walk on. If I plan to park hop elsewhere that evening, what do you think about getting a tier 1 and tier 2 in Epcot, skipping the third, and then getting an...
  7. Gartdog

    Discount Tickets

    I know heavily discounted WDW park tickets are impossible to come by, but can anyone recommend a website that gives a decent discount and is also safe and reliable? Thanks!
  8. Gartdog

    What time can I make Dining Reservations?

    My 180 days is coming up next Monday. I live in Denver, CO, so I am two time zones behind Orlando. Does anyone know this - do reservations open at Midnight Orlando time on the morning of your reservation day? And if so, does that mean 10:00 pm Sunday night in Denver? Thanks for any help you...
  9. Gartdog

    Magic Band / Fast Pass Question

    First time using Magic Bands. I have two Fast Pass questions: 1) I know you can't get another Fast Pass until your three are used for the day, but does that include if you get a Fast Pass for a nighttime show, or do you loose out on the chance to get another pass that day? 2) In the past, I...
  10. Gartdog

    Park Savers Tickets

    Has anyone used to purchase tickets? Is this a legit site? If you do purchase through them, can you link your tickets to your Magic Band and My Disney Experience from home or do you have to go to the ticket window at the park?
  11. Gartdog

    FastPass+ basics - please help

    Can someone please give me a run down on the basic rules of the FastPass+ system! to include: -If you get your on-line reservations with FastPass+, can you still use traditional FastPasses - what happens if you miss your reserved time? Thanks!
  12. Gartdog

    January trip

    We will be visiting Disneyland the weekend of January 26th, 2013. Does anyone know if Christmas decorations will still be up and if not, are we likely to run into a time when they are in the process of coming down? I am particularly interested in the Haunted Mansion Holiday and wondering if...
  13. Gartdog

    Best location to watch World of Color

    What is the best location to view World of Color? I was considering purchasing the boxed lunch / reserved viewing area ticket package - has anyone done this? Is it worth it? Is the reserved viewing area that great compared to just finding a spot? We did this once in WDW for Fantasmic, and...
  14. Gartdog

    Opening Plaza Question

    We will be visiting DL in July and staying at a hotel on Harbor Blvd. on the East side of the parks. I would like to get up early in the morning to go jogging, and I was hoping to take a run from Harbor Blvd. through the main entrance plaza between the two parks and up through Downtown Disney...
  15. Gartdog

    Cars Land / A Bug's Land Question

    Is A Bug's Land staying open once Cars Land opens? Somehow I got it in my head that the entrance to Cars Land was going to be through the Bug's Land area.
  16. Gartdog

    Animal Kingdom After Dark

    With all the talk of Avatar at AK, and the likely-hood of extended hours, I was wondering if many people have gotten the chance to experience AK after dark? It is really astounding! If anyone ever gets the chance, here is a great way to experience it: We visited over Christmas and New...
  17. Gartdog

    Parking payment question

    Do the theme park lots allow you to pay by credit card or only cash?
  18. Gartdog

    Parking Questions

    Heading to WDW soon and staying off property for the first time. As such, I will be driving (and parking) for the first time. I know you can show your parking receipt from one park and park at another on the same day, but is the same true for Downtown Disney? Does anyone know the current...
  19. Gartdog

    Mission:Space : Flop?

    I rode Mission:Space the year it opened with a huge crowd. As recently as Christmas 2006 I walked on in the middle of the day with almost no wait. And this was during the busy holiday season. Has anyone been recently? What are the crowds like? I remember when it was being hailed as the...
  20. Gartdog

    Little Mermaid on Broadway -- 1st Reviews!

    I live in Denver, where by some twist of fate, we got the 1st preview shows of the Little Mermaid before she swims out to New York, and I was blown away!!!! The sets were simple but effective. The costumes were great (and included "heelies", the roller-skate shoes, which let the swimming...
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