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  1. SanFrancisco

    Anybody been to Kouzzina? And Illuminations advice-

    I was thinking it would be nice to head over to the Boardwalk for dinner during our full Epcot day during the upcoming trip. I've read some pretty mixed things about Kouzzina and thought I'd go to you guys for your thoughts. I made a reservation for 7pm because it looks like Illuminations will...
  2. SanFrancisco

    News on the Haunted Mansion themed resort rooms?

    I was searching to see if this was covered somewhere else, but am wondering if anyone knows if there's been any movement on the HM themed rooms being discussed last spring???
  3. SanFrancisco

    Lordy, lordy I'm turning 40! And I'm off to WDW in January!!!

    Hey there guys and ghouls, I'm turning 40 on January 7th, 2014 and my partner and I just booked our trip to the World for 1/6/14 - 1/13/14. Because we went through MEI Travel we were able to get the group marathon rate and are able to afford staying at the AKL (my favorite!). And now the...
  4. SanFrancisco

    Looking for your VALUE resort recommendation

    I am starting to plan a WDW trip for my birthday in January and it's looking like the best way for us to swing it financially is to stay at a Value resort. In the past I've stayed at AKL, Port Orleans Riverside, the Polynesian and the Contemporary. We're an adult couple without kids so I'm a...
  5. SanFrancisco

    Sugar Cookie Dilemma... Please Help!

    Three years ago, DH and I stayed at POR and become addicted to their delicious sugar cookies (topped with lil' red, orange, and blue sugar mickeys). They sold them at the food court bakery counter and they are dangerously tasty. :slurp: Last year, we stayed at the AKL and could not find the...
  6. SanFrancisco

    September 2009 Roll Call

    Have you noticed that a large majority of folks listed on the WDW Magic Countdown are scheduled to go on trips in September? I am! And I love going in September. What are your reasons for going in September? Mine include less children / crowds, free dining, warm weather, and... hurricane...
  7. SanFrancisco


    Have any of you been to Sanaa yet? How is it? Would you recommend it for lunch? I've just made our ADR's for September and booked a lunch at Sanaa (because lunch fit into our schedule best). I love the other two AKL restaurants, and have ADR's for Jiko and Boma, but thought I'd see if...
  8. SanFrancisco

    SanFrancisco & Worldofsounds TRIP REPORT 9/8/08 - 9/15/08

    Hey there everyone. This is my first attempt at following up our trip with a day-by-day Trip Report. I've really enjoyed reading other people's reports and thought I'd draft one myself. Here goes: DAY 1 My DH (Worldofsounds on here) and I attempted to check-in online with AirTran the...
  9. SanFrancisco

    Location: Jungle Cruise CM: Richard

    Richard at the Jungle Cruise was there all day last Sunday and did an AMAZING job! We really appreciated Richard all the more when we returned at night and had a woman who's specialty can best be described as "personally alienating over half the guests on my boat". I was actually sorta...
  10. SanFrancisco

    FANATICISM caught on iPhone

    I was walking home today in San Francisco and spotted the below car. I was so excited to see it! I had to stop and snap a few pictures to share with you guys. I don't know who's car it is, but perhaps they're on the boards here? Who knows? Anyhow, I leave for WDW in two weeks and this...
  11. SanFrancisco

    Appetizer VS. Dessert

    Does anyone know if you can order an appetizer instead of a dessert with the free dining?
  12. SanFrancisco

    Best Breakfast Bonanza

    Hey Guys, Breakfast Question: I've seen pictures of giant plates of breakfast foods and we want to go someplace really delicious for breakfast one morning. We'll have a car and can drive so we can go wherever is most highly recommended. Character dining isn't all that important to us...
  13. SanFrancisco

    Bounce Back Offer?

    I'm pretty sure I've seen something mentioned here about Disney offering a reduced rate "bounce back offer" for guests while they're at WDW. Does anyone know how this works? What the deals are like? I'm going to be there in September and I'm fairly sure we'll be back the following year so...
  14. SanFrancisco

    Counter Service HELP

    Hey Everyone, I've spent so much time planning my ADR's and thinking about where to have all my table service meals, that it occurs to me I'm not really sure about where the best counter service food is in each of the parks. Do you have recommendations regarding counter service food for...
  15. SanFrancisco

    Counter Service HELP

    Ooops, I posted this twice :brick:
  16. SanFrancisco

    Countdown Trickery

    I'm wondering if anyone else has a stalled WDWmagic countdown? I was looking at mine today and thinking shouldn't it be less days than that? Am I crazy? Well, I counted up the days until my trip and realized that my countdown here stopped a few days back! Thank God. I thought maybe I was...
  17. SanFrancisco

    Spa Question

    I've noticed there are different spa choices at WDW. I'm wondering if anyone here has a preference for massage? I'm flying in on a red-eye and thought it would be nice to have a relaxing massage on our first day there before hitting the parks. I've made an appointment at Saratoga Springs but...
  18. SanFrancisco

    Best Podcast

    Does anyone have suggestions for a great WDW podcast? I listen to podcasts from time to time and went to search for Disney on iTunes and it's a bit overwhelming. Thanks!
  19. SanFrancisco

    Curious About Agencies

    I just booked my second trip with Mouseketrips and when I've been poking around the internet, I've found all sorts of agencies that book WDW vacations. I'm wondering how these businesses make money? We booked with Mouseketrips last year based on a recommendation, but I'm wondering how these...
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