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  1. RiversideBunny

    Keep Your Hands Inside The Boat - Alligators

    Be careful around WDW lakes - NAPLES, FL -- Florida wildlife officials say a 10-foot alligator bit off a man's hand while he was swimming in a canal with friends. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission spokeswoman Gabriella Ferraro says 18-year-old Timothy Delano of Naples is...
  2. RiversideBunny

    Can WDW Cast Members Relate to Undercover Boss

    Last night the TV show 'Undercover Boss' was about the CEO of a group of family theme parks. In that show several employees of the parks were featured along with their backgrounds and their approach to the work, including some problems. I couldn't help wondering if the CM's at WDW who...
  3. RiversideBunny

    Will the WDW crowds be less when HP opens in Spring 2010

    Universal Orlando has said that the new Harry Potter section will open in 'Spring 2010'. Would that be a good time to plan a trip to WDW with the expectation that the crowds at WDW will be somewhat smaller then- maybe even through the rest of the year? Even if people go to Universal for 1...
  4. RiversideBunny

    Does anyone know where the Black Cat is this year

    As part of the Osborne lights at DHS the 'Black Cat', which is really sort of purple, is in a different place each year. Last year he was in an alley behind a chain link fence. Normally he's up on one of the buildings with the other lights. Tks. :xmas::xmas:
  5. RiversideBunny

    How would you make the Astro Orbiter better

    The Astro Orbiter in the Magic Kingdom is a fun ride but it suffers from two, maybe three, problems: 1. Very slow loading 2. The ride itself, after all the waiting, is short. 3. Maybe- the ride vehicles are somewhat cramped. How would you make this ride better? :)
  6. RiversideBunny

    Where can you get doughnuts on property?

    Where can you get fresh doughnuts on property? You know what's hard to find at WDW in the parks or at the resorts. Classic doughnuts- the Krispy Kreme, Dunkin Donuts, Tim Hortons kind. The round ones with the hole in the middle. Also the filled type like lemon filled, Bavarian cream, jelly...
  7. RiversideBunny

    Where do CM's who work at WDW full time go for their vacations?

    One drawback to being a full time CM at WDW would seem to be that you might not go there for your vacation? So where do CM's go? :animwink:
  8. RiversideBunny

    Are there a lot of invalid ADR's on the books?

    Is it possible that a reason for its being difficult to get ADR's is that many of those that are already in place are not valid, i.e., not cancelled? If someone cancels their trip to WDW they may think that the ADR's automaticallly get cancelled, too, but they might not. Or they might just...
  9. RiversideBunny

    No more decorations on room windows?

    What's this about a change in WDW policy regarding the decorating of resort room windows by guests? Has anyone heard anything about this, i.e., that WDW will no longer allow window decorations for Halloween and Christmas? Tks. :)
  10. RiversideBunny

    The new Nikon D90 and the Canon EOS 50D

    The new Nikon D90 and the Canon EOS 50D are here now New DSLR's- These two new cameras have now been officially announced. The Nikon D90 is the upgrade for the D80. 12 megapixles and video mode. The Canon EOS 50D is the upgrade for the 40D. 15 megapixels and higher ISO. They will be...
  11. RiversideBunny

    Is November the Forgotten Month

    I was wondering- Not counting Thanksgiving week, would November be a very good time to have lower crowd levels at WDW? People go to WDW in October to attend MNSSHP and they go in December for the Christmas decorations and activities, but the first three weeks of November seem to be without...
  12. RiversideBunny

    Jokes Actually Heard at Monsters Inc Laugh Floor

    Only rule for posting: Must have actually heard it at Monsters Inc Laugh Floor Here's one from last December: "A skeleton walks into a bar. He orders a beer and a mop." Ka ching - :)
  13. RiversideBunny

    The Pop Century Slum Area - How Long?

    There has been extensive thread discussion on this before but, now that it is October of 2007, why does WDW still have those unfinished buildings that were to be Pop Century - Phase II, The Legendary Years? That is very un-Disney. To have old unpainted, unfinished, deteriorating, and...
  14. RiversideBunny

    Wow- I suddenly got sentimental

    Normally I read this board and others and logically contemplate my next trip to WDW (December) and my place in the universe. Today, however, I got really sentimental and got a real 'Wish I were there' feeling about WDW. What did it was a new posting today on about...
  15. RiversideBunny

    Do true 'Disney' people stay at the Grand Floridian?

    Hi. Do people who really love WDW and Disney form the majority of guests who stay at the Grand Floridian hotel? From comments and from some short visits, the impression is that the GF hosts mainly guests for whom being at WDW is secondary. They are there for a company meeting or for business...
  16. RiversideBunny

    What is the math on DVC? Why does it work?

    Disney Vacation Club is something of mystery to me although I know a lot of people are in DVC. Here's my impression which I'm sure is incomplete and inaccurate: You spend thousands of dollars buying into DVC so you can go to WDW each year and stay in your 'own' place, like at Old Key West...
  17. RiversideBunny

    Is There an Official Term for Non Disney People

    Is there a term that describes people who don't understand why so many of us go to WDW again and again? For example, in the military, non-military people are referred to as 'civilians'. In Harry Potter's world, non-wizard people are referred to as 'muggles'. What is the opposite of a...
  18. RiversideBunny

    Do You Take Your Laptop Computer to WDW

    For what purpose? How do you use it while you are at WDW? Any tips or problems? Tks. :)
  19. RiversideBunny

    How Much of Disney Parks Management Is In Florida?

    There are always some big projects and refurbishments and changes going on at WDW. There are also the normal park operations. How much of this is actually managed at WDW in Florida versus the Disney company headquarters in California? Is everything essentially orchestrated from California...
  20. RiversideBunny

    How Do The Characters Manage In This Heat?

    It's been mentioned before I'm sure, but considering how hot is here today and how hot it is in many parts of the US, how do the costumed characters manage to stay out in the parks meeting guests for more than 10 minutes without keeling over from heat exhaustion? Are the costumes cooler than...
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