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    A question for WDW moms and breast feeding

    We are taking our 9 month old daughter for the first time to WDW. Although my wife does not breast feed, she does need to pump ever 4-5 hours. Is this something that Disney assists with as in private rooms or is this a your on your own thing. I would like to know what the other moms that...


    Can someone please tell me about this Tron movie? I understand its something from the 80's but I cannot last more then 10 seconds watching the trailer or other scenes. It seems like :lookaroun. Is there really a following for "Tron" and people that can last through this whole movie:lookaroun

    What if?

    A. You were a multi-million/billion dollar corporation, who would you be? B. What ride would you sponsor C. What would you make the ride like? A. Ford B. Test track C. Turn into a time machine ride going back to the early model T's and move foward throughout history with some kinks...

    Do you think Disney will let me bring this into the park?

    Im just kidding!:ROFLOL: The birth of my first child is one month away, being a huge car nut, I bought her a radio flyer wagon, lifted it 3 1/2", had it prof. painted, go kart hubs and adapters, and go kart rims powdercoated black w/ tires. God I would love to take her around Disney in...

    Can we get a classifieds section?

    I have some Disney stuff that I might wanna sell and Im sure many of us do to. I cant imagine some of the great stuff that the members here have that they might not want anymore:shrug:

    Pirates themed monorail!

    Wouldnt this be cool:sohappy: to promoted the new movie:D I would like them to make a pirates themed monorail. Wrap in flat black (like the hummer pic for those that cant read and think the hummer is part of the advertisement:drevil:), tint the windows, have fog machines underneath turn on...

    Harry Potter-----------

    Butter beer has nothing on............................................................ Damn I miss that glass:lol:

    Flash Photography

    Is it me or everytime I get on a dark ride there is always some idiot that insists on taking pictures with flash weather its the boat Im in or the one behind:mad: it really irritates and ruins the ride. I mean are people really that stupid:veryconfu

    Disney's Karma Thread

    Im a strong believer in Karma. I think that it takes more than cast members to make Disney special;) What will you do on your next trip to make it magical for someone else or just Disney in general. 1. Pick up loose trash 2. Seeing that my wife is prego and she cant ride certain rides I would...

    Giving away your fast passes

    I dont know if anyone goes through this but I wanted to share. Sometimes me and the wife get extra fast passes that we dont use so instead if throwing them away we like to give them away. Here is where it begins. We start looking for a couple, but it cant just be any couple. I dont know why...

    Did you know this?

    On October 2009 me and the wife stayed at Animal Kingdom Lodge and we valet parked our car which sat for about a week. For some reason I decide to walk out to the car the day before we left. I noticed that one of tires was flat with no air. Little did I know that Disney has complementary AAA...

    Custom Disney License Plates

    Does anyone on here have any custom tags:shrug: On one of our cars I came up with a clever 7 character phrase. Since we live in South Florida, I think it fits us just fine:king: Im sure you can figure it out. Anyone have any or just ideas, I might wanna do another for my car. NB 2 WDW

    Baby Nursery Quotes (Disney Style)

    Me and my wife are expecting our first child in late August. This will make our Disney trips now even better! We just found out that we will be having a baby girl. Now we need the help from the Disney pros. We are looking for a Disney quote to put over her crib. It can be from Walt...

    Is there a website for the new TrenD store?

    Im trying to find a site that I can order this piece of cr.... I mean luggage that she really liked at the new Trend store:shrug:

    Disney Security

    What positions do they have other than the costumed one. Im an 8 year Deputy Sheriff thats always wanted to work in Disney as security but more of better paying role due to my training. I have seen they have undercover at every gate that I can spot out but what else do they have:shrug:

    Men, dont you hate when......

    You really have to go to the "bathroom", you find your hidden/favorite bathroom. You pull down then up on your toilet cover overhead and place it on the seat. Your now sweating and ready to go and boom, the sensor reads a motion and FLUSHhhhhhHHH there goes your toilet cover before you sit...

    Are you 23?

    I just got Mickey monitor and in it there is a small story and a hint saying "are you 23" they wont say what it is but its worth the wait and that theyve been sworn to secrecy? Any clue:shrug:

    Dining Plan and Dining experience ?'s

    Ive searched for these topics and cant find my answer. Is there another type of dining plan available other than the snack/table service/quick service something more like all table services Can someone explain the disney dining experience card and how it works. Does this include alcohol...

    My trip to Busch Gardens

    Well went on a two day trip over to Busch Gardens. It has been 15 years since I have been there. Long story short, I will NEVER go there again. The people they have working there seem like they are straight out of prison. All very rude and not excited about their job. I felt like I was in a...

    With all this rehab and new rides comming??

    Where does Disney go for their ideas, I mean I know they use the imagineers, but have you stopped to think if they ever surf the boards for ideas on what to do next? I highly doubt that they dont have any outside influence..... Discuss
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