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    Driving from Northeast on Good Friday?

    Hi all. I am sure many of you have driven to WDW from the Northeast on Good Friday in the past. We will probably leave northwestern New Jersey in the mid to late afternoon. I am fearful of hitting traffic on Rt 95 around DC. I am looking for some insite on the typical traffic areas on Good...
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    Resort Movie Schedules

    Does anyone know when the Resort movie schedules will be available and where to find them on-line?
  3. DisneyWeather!

    Easter Day Activities at Resorts

    Does anyone have any knowledge of what, if any, special activities that will take place at any of the resorts? We will be at POR on Easter Day with 3 kids and would love to know ahead of time what we might be able to plan.
  4. DisneyWeather!

    My bad - sorry everyone!

    I didn't realize that the "pool hopping" question had already been asked and was such a sensitive topic (and this is not meant to be a second attempt at a new thread , just an apology). It was a sincere question. My wife and I stayed at beach club last year just for the pool (no parks) and...
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    Fishing at Port Orleans Riverside?

    I know that you can rent cane poles and I know that you can go on a guided excusion from the marina at Port Orleans Riverside, but I seem to remember reading on here that you can fish with your own equipment on the Riverside property for free. Can anyone confirm this? Thanks.
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    Pool Hopping?

    I know that they check Keys to the Kingdom Cards and give wristbands at Beach/Yacht Club pool, but do they allow you to pool hop amongst the other Deluxe Resorts. We want to stay at POR, but were thinking it would be cool to check out the pools at Animal Kingdom Lodge and Wilderness Lodge. We...
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    Pin Codes

    Hey all. I am dreaming of another trip during spring break, but since we were just there in August, I am having a hard time justifying the cost. So I am desperate for a deal of some sort that would make the difference. I am pretty sure, since it is spring break, I will be out of luck, but I...
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    Dolphin/Swan Teacher Discount

    Sorry if this has been asked before, I did a search to no avail. Does anyone know what exactly the discount is at Dolphin/Swan for teachers? Thanks.
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    Disney's vero beach resort

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I am interested in possibly staying @ The Vero Beach resort, but am wondering how to get there? I am assuming that there is no Magical Express. Which Airport to use? How long does it take to travel between said airport and the resort? How...
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    2012 bounceback ?

    Heading down in 2 weeks an was wondering when the bounceback offers will begin opening up dates for 2012? Wife & I want to go in April if the right deal floats our way. A bounceback deal would possibly be booked if they offer it.
  11. DisneyWeather!

    Adding to Room w/ Free Dining?

    We are headed down in 25 days! I currently have two rooms booked @ RS with the second room occupied by my mother and my daughter. We all have free dining and park tix w/ park hopper. If they wanted to, could I add my brother and his wife to the room w/ tix and park hopper, and would they be...
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    Fishing Excursion Voucher Question

    In my Reservation Confirmation from WD Travel Co., one of the many features included is a "Guided Fishing Excursion Voucher - 1 per Room" and a "WDW Marina Offer Voucher - 1 per room". Can anyone explain what the Vouchers entail? Again, Thanks for the Anticipated Help - you guys are great for...
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    Question for recent Port Orleans Riverside Guests Re: Shower products

    I know this is random, but if anyone has been to POR recently, can you recall if they supply shower gel. Wife and I were just to Beach Club in April and they did, but when we were in POR 2 yrs ago, they did not. Just a planning question for upcoming trip. Thanks for the help.
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    Captain EO close date?

    Just searched for when they are closing EO and all I saw was that it would run for about a year starting July 2, 2010. Would like to re-live my memories of that show from 1987 this August and have already been disappointed with the news of the refurbs to Bugs and mermaid.
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    Riverside to Poly for Dinner at O'Hana?

    Just asked similar question, is best way to get to Poly from Riverside to bus to MK and Monorail to Poly?
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    Best way to get to Hoop Dee Doo from Riverside?

    Hi all, as title states, I am looking for the best way to get to Hoop Dee Doo Review from the Riverside. My thought is to take the boat to Downtown Disney from RS and then catch a bus to Fort Wilderness. Is this the best or fastest way to go? Or Maybe Bus to Magic Kingdom and Boat to Fort...
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    Dine in Parks w/o Tix?

    Sorry if this has been addressed before, a quick search yielded no results, but can you make an ADR and Dine in a restaurant in a park like Le Cellier without park tickets? My wife and I are staying at Beach Club and were contemplating ADR's and wanted to know if any of the in-park dining...
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    Port Orleans Riverside - Room Requests

    Does anyone know if the Magnolia Terrace buildng is an additional charge due to its proximity to the bus depot? Does anyone know if the bus depot near the Magnolia Terrace is as close to the building as it looks on the map? Does anyone know when it is OK to request rooms/buildings? After...
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    Which Mod and Why?

    Hi all. My family and I prefer the moderate resorts as we like the feeling of being in a resort rather than a hotel/motel. I originally said that I wanted to try each of the 4 mods. So far we have been to CB and POR. We chose Riverside last summer because of the many pools vs. FQ, figuring...
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