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  1. Mrs. Jobson

    WDW Food Pictures Of The Day Part II

    Good heavens, I think it looks heavenly!
  2. Mrs. Jobson

    Diaper bag question...

    From my Cast Member experience. Never leave anything in your stroller. So many times I've had guests come to me saying that they had things stolen from strollers or even strollers!
  3. Mrs. Jobson

    How Many Days for you Part 10

    27!!!!! My 3 year olds second trip but my 1 year olds first!
  4. Mrs. Jobson

    WDW Food Pictures Of The Day Part II

    Where do find this!?
  5. Mrs. Jobson

    What!? Did you just see that!?

    Yeah, happened a lot at Safaris. One of my friends had a family with a little boy that had to go while riding the truck. Mother just told him to stand up and relieve himself. The truck was inoperable the rest of the day.
  6. Mrs. Jobson

    Pregnant in Disney

    Lots of water and breaks! May will be kinda rough with the heat so you may have some swelling. Prop your feet up when you can. I am 7 months now and it was 80 here in NC yesterday and my feet looked like swollen ticks! Be careful. And whatever people tell you, always pay attention to the...
  7. Mrs. Jobson

    AK Safari Questions....

    To answer your question about animals getting out, well that's hard to answer. "Getting out" is not what you think. Yes, there have been instances when certain animals wonder out of their designated areas but not in a guest area. When I was working there a Cheetah got "out" of his enclosure...
  8. Mrs. Jobson

    WDW Food Pictures Of The Day Part II

    Why would a pregnant woman torture herself by going thru this forum? OMG and I just ate lunch!!!
  9. Mrs. Jobson

    Disney with a baby at what age? advice??

    We took our then 1yr old back in October and he loved it. You kinda have to go on their schedule and not yours. Work around their naps and take breaks. We thought he would have a problem with the characters but he loved them! We had so much fun with him at that age. A lot of people will...
  10. Mrs. Jobson

    "Andy is Coming!"...Buzz and Woody fall down??

    Sorry, my mistake. It looks like the backstage area in Frontierland.
  11. Mrs. Jobson

    Delicious Disney Food- Pictures

    I do too!!! I need one of these shirts.
  12. Mrs. Jobson

    "Andy is Coming!"...Buzz and Woody fall down??

    If you look closely at the original picture, you will see that the picture was taken backstage.
  13. Mrs. Jobson

    The crazys are at Epcot today

    Very true Empress Lilly! Not only did it disturb the animals, it disturbed other guests too. I would make sure to only load those tour groups on their own trucks away from other guests as to not disturb them. I don't think that all tour groups are like this but the majority of them were.
  14. Mrs. Jobson

    The crazys are at Epcot today

    I so wish I could have! We weren't allowed to stop much less get out but I would just shut my mouth and keep driving. I didn't even talk about the animals. When they would catch on and get quieter I would say,"please do not shout and yell, you are gonna scare the animals away and we won't see...
  15. Mrs. Jobson

    The crazys are at Epcot today

    About two years ago or so Disney did address these problems. It may not have been visible to the average guest but it has been addressed. They enlisted Cast Members who spoke their language to be in key areas to help out with crowd control,language barriers, and line jumpers. Especially at...
  16. Mrs. Jobson

    Where to buy diapers?

    I know this is an old question but I wanted to suggest Orlando Theme Park Shoppers. You can find them on facebook. They shop for you and deliver to your resort.
  17. Mrs. Jobson

    Favorite scene from MNSSHP Parade

    Wow! I have to say your pictures are great! The HM scene is my favorite also. I love the Headless Horseman too! I do know that the Cast Members always try their best to make it authentic! They are so good.
  18. Mrs. Jobson

    Meerkats no longer in Pangani Forest

    I had heard they were doing some refurbs on their habitat but I also remember that they didn't do very well in cold temperatures.
  19. Mrs. Jobson

    Carousel of Progress being evacuated

    We were there last month and this happened to us. Out of all the years I have been on this ride, it has never happened to me until this time. It was awful. One person decides to get up and leave and everyone else gets mad about seeing the same scenes and they decide to leave. At one point a...
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