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  1. Mrs. Jobson

    Quick Trip....So it seemed!

    Our trip was from Wednesday, Oct. 3 thru Sunday, Oct. 7! It was my son's first trip to the World and we were so excited. This is my first trip report so bare with me. Day 1.........Our flight left Charlotte at 7:30am. I know, way early. I was a little anxious having the little one in tow but...
  2. Mrs. Jobson

    3 More Days...Nothing packed!

    3 more days!!! My husband is working out of town and I am left to the task of getting us packed with a 1 year old. I can't sleep I am so excited! I guess I will be up late washing clothes and packing. Does anyone have a packing check list?
  3. Mrs. Jobson

    Bed Rails

    Ok so here we are at 7 days out and am going over our reservations and what nots. I saw that I did reserve a pack and play but am not sure we are gonna be able to use it. Our 1 year old seems to have hit a growth spurt since we made our plans and I think he may be too big for it. My question...
  4. Mrs. Jobson

    Art of Animation Resort

    Are they booking for the Little Mermaid section yet? We are planning a trip in October. I know, spur of the moment decision. I just looked it up on and it only shows the suites available. Do you think that they are already sold out of Little Mermaid section? Any help would be...
  5. Mrs. Jobson

    Halloween Merchandise!

    I have a request. If you are going to the World soon, can you take some pictures of the Halloween Merchandise? I love Halloween and we usually go at this time of year but we are unable to go right now. I need a Disney fix!!! Any pictures of Halloween Merchandise would be greatly appreciated.:D
  6. Mrs. Jobson

    Casey's Corner & Expectant Mothers/Mothers

    I have a question for all you expectant mothers and mothers. I read that expectant mothers should not eat hot dogs or lunch meats. Tell me what you know and if I should listen to these claims. I am really upset because we are heading down next week and I want to eat at Casey's Corner! Please...
  7. Mrs. Jobson

    Asante from AK

    Giraffe Dies in Springfield After Severe Neck Injury www.ksmu.orgOfficials at the Dickerson Park Zoo in Springfield say a giraffe that travelled from Walt Disney World in Florida has died... For those that don't know who Asante is, he was the big male Giraffe on Kilimanjaro Safaris. I am...
  8. Mrs. Jobson

    Skipper Dan

    Don't know if this has been posted already. Thought it was cute!:)
  9. Mrs. Jobson

    Just Joined!

    Hello everyone! I have been coming to your site for a while but have never joined.:hammer:I just wanted to say hello. I am an ex-Cast Member but when you are a Cast Member you always feel like you are gonna remain a Disney Cast Member for life. My husband and I love Disney. We always have...
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