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  1. draybook

    UFC 251: Usman vs Masvidal

    Who else is watching the fight right now? Who are you rooting for?
  2. draybook

    MNSSHP pricing.

    Are there any AP holders that can look up the AP prices on some Halloween nights for me? We're lapsed but going to renew soon. Trying to plan on how much the parties are going to be. The dates are September 13th, 15th and 18th. Thanks!
  3. draybook


    Anyone else a runner? I'm just getting back into it but I just did my first official 5k with my wife today. We ran in the Terrain Race 5k in Memphis. For those not familiar with them, they are 5k courses but with mud and obstacles. For good measure, Mother Nature dumped some rain on us all week...
  4. draybook

    Missing Photopass photos?

    Anyone been recently and not have a bunch of photos show up on their trip? I know we're missing a character photo from the half marathon that my wife took as well as every ride she took on the HM as well as mine. In my case, I used my AP card to enter the parks but had an old MagicBand in my...
  5. draybook

    Working out (fitness)

    Not sure where else to put this. Do we have any gym rats here? I've finally been able to get back to the gym so I'm looking for possible pointers, especially with regards to strength training. Just looking for some routine ideas that work well. I'm looking to lose a few more pounds (20) but lean...
  6. draybook

    Healthcare- United Healthcare

    Does anyone here have United Healthcare as their provider? Our company is switching from Blue Cross/Blue Shield next year and the reviews I'm seeing are not good. Also, the doctor's office that we take both of our littles to will be out of network but the other locations won't be. Very odd...
  7. draybook

    Best time to go in November/December?

    We're looking at switching our trip time next year. The wife wasn't really feeling the Halloween partis ths year with all of the changes and she said something about going during the Christmas "season". We've been the first couple of weeks in December but that was back in 2009. I've heard or...
  8. draybook

    Trip Report Another boring Dray live-ish trip report...

    So today was our departure day to come down to Disney World. I had been in touch with Southwest airlines because rescheduling our flights due to the hurricane caused our early bird purchase to not be in the system. I didn't actually find out that they were not attached to our tickets until...
  9. draybook

    Michael Brown 5 years later

    I was going to put this in the Kaepernick thread, but decided it might be best on its own. So, his "father" is trying to get the investigation reopened and still hasn't accepted the facts that show that his son lost his life while trying to fight and disarm an officer. Thoughts? And here's the...
  10. draybook

    Picking up after HHN.

    I know there's an official drop off/pick up area for Universal Orlando. However, is there a better spot to pick up after HHN? Last year, that drop off was a fricking nightmare but the pick up wasn't too bad. I guess because it was so late. But it there somewhere where they can walk to that's not...
  11. draybook

    Dale Oliver?

    Are you guys familiar with Dale Oliver? I'm asking because I received two signed lithograph type drawings framed with certificates of stock. One was signed by Marc Davis(of course I know him) and the other looks like it reads Dale Oliver. I'm not familiar with him. Thoughts?
  12. draybook

    Favorite sitcom "Disney" episode

    What's your favorite Disney sitcom episode? I'm partial to the two-part Roseanne episodes. I also enjoy the Boy Meets World episode. The only other one I've watched but don't totally remember are the Full House episodes. How about you guys?
  13. draybook

    Snagged a great deal on rental car!

    So, last week I was set to lock in our rental car for September. We needed a ride starting on the 1st and ending on the 11th. Hotwire had a Hot Rate of $347 for a full size SUV from one of four agencies(Alamo/Dollar/Thrifty/National). Lo and behold, the price changed when I went to book it this...
  14. draybook

    Free Dining for the Fall tied to crowd predictions?

    I recently watched a video from Pete and his crew and he was strongly predicting that Disney would be offering FD for the fall due to low forcasting as far as crowds/bookings go. Does this seem to be true? I know that the SW:GE crowds are light out west but what's the skinny down in Florida...
  15. draybook

    Questions regarding air travel with little ones.

    Ok, so our boys will be 3 and almost 2 when we fly in September. Obviously, we had to purchase a ticket for the soon to be 3 year old(this Friday). I'm trying to figure out if we'll need a carseat for him in the seat that was purchased. He's pretty close to 40 pounds and tall for his age. Most...
  16. draybook

    Area 51 raid 2019

    Do you think anyone will actuall show up? The memes and such are killing me...
  17. draybook

    RIP Denise Nickerson Sad. I am a HUGE fan of the original Willy Wonka movie.
  18. draybook


    I thouroughly enjoyed this movie. I was hoping it would do better at the box office so we could get those teased sequels/BB universe. There was even speculation that this might have turned into a Legion of Doom thing. Thoughts?
  19. draybook

    UFC 239 Jorge Masvidal

    Tell me that some of you are watching this card? That wasn't a 3 piece with a soda, it was a 3 piece with a coma. Five seconds to s
  20. draybook

    Stranger Things: Season 3

    I'm starting episode 4 right now. Man, I love this show. Anyone else been watching? I know it just came out but I'll be done by Saturday afternoon.
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