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  1. the-reason14

    Hong Kong Disneyland E ticket??

    This will be my first trip to Hong Kong and HKDL. I'm still a little unsure about the E tickets. It looks as if you can just use your phone to scan it and when you get to the park they will print out a ticket for you, is this correct? Disneyland Paris I had to physically print out the ticket and...
  2. the-reason14

    Trip Report Back home to the World after traveling the world to other Disney's

    So for starters, this was my first trip back to the World in over a year. Years ago me and my dad were annual pass holders from 2004 to about 2012, but stopped once they started to “update and improve” the fast pass system. And we went every year in the 90s, so for me Disney World has always...
  3. the-reason14

    First trip!! Tips and feedback please

    So in a little over a month I will be traveling for the first time internationally to Paris. Of course within the 8 days that I'm there, I plan on visiting Disneyland Paris for two of them. We will be staying in Paris, not far from the Eiffel Tower, so my first question is what is the best way...
  4. the-reason14

    Space Mountain discussion

    So I am currently in the process of watching this video. And it just has me wondering, what went wrong during the "big" 2009 refurbishment? Obviously there were budget cuts, but for what was changed it seemed like it didn't need to be closed for as long as it did. Space mt. is my favorite...
  5. the-reason14

    A few questions before my trip next week???

    It's been over a year since I've been to the world and I have a few questions for you guys who have been recently. 1. I know about the new rope drop procedure at the MK and it doesn't sound like something I will like but whatever. My question is can you still break off and go to the lands...
  6. the-reason14

    Pop half century, microwaves and refrigerators?

    I remember on my last visit in March of 2013 that they added refrigerators to the rooms, but I forget if there was a microwave. I wanna say no, but if not is it possible to request one? Thanks.
  7. the-reason14

    Disney store tickets?

    I'm thinking about buying my tickets from the disney store to save a few bucks, but I was just curious as to how it all ties together with the new magic band thing. I know I'll still have to buy a magic band, but can I just use my disney store ticket for the parks or will I have to transfer it...
  8. the-reason14

    What do you guys think of this?

    Ok so I know this isn't technically 100% Disney related, but it does mirror a ride in both WDW and DLR. Now I've heard of knock offs overseas and have seen pics and vids of rides that blatantly copied Disney, but did a horrible job at it. This ride in particular looks pretty interesting and...
  9. the-reason14


    How has the weather been around the world the past few days? Will be arriving in a few days and wondering if I need to pack more jackets. Thanks.
  10. the-reason14

    Where to buy tickets?

    So I've briefly read somewhere on here that they are already doing the touch to entry wrist band ticket deal. I have a short trip planned next week and was thinking about checking my local Disney store, however I don't want to be down there and miss the opportunity to use this new system and...
  11. the-reason14

    The last straw!!!!!!!

    So, since a lot of people here talk about how the great WDW has been lacking and or how they keep cutting back and cutting back, what would be the last straw for you? It seems our daily discussions here are rarely positive, and people always want to suggest 'they should do this' or 'they need...
  12. the-reason14

    Boardwalk, Swan and Dolphin, boat or bus!??

    Do buses run to and from the Boardwalk for Epcot and MGM? Or is it just boats? Same thing with the swan and dolphin?
  13. the-reason14

    Disney Quest

    Last time I was there last week sometime, the elevator didn't have the 'magic mirror.' Not sure if it's being refurbed or what not, but I'm hoping that's the case? I'm sure not very many people here even bother with DQ, but if anyone does, could you check and see if it's back? It was the left...
  14. the-reason14

    Disneyland adventures (game)

    Don't know if this has been posted, or if it's in the right section, but microsoft announced a Disneyland game for the kinect. Check it out, what do you think? I think it looks cool, but it's something I would wait to buy when the price goes wayyyyyyyy down...
  15. the-reason14

    Toy Story Mania ??

    I was in the world last week and remember reading after TSM refurbishment last year about these exit gates that slowed loading time drastically. I don't remember seeing them last week though, did they remove them? Or did I miss them totally? Thanks.
  16. the-reason14


    Heading down to WDW tomorrow and I'm just curious as to what the weathers been like? I know it's January and it's usually colder. I was there last year and it was ridiculously cold but I'm hoping it won't be that bad this year. So, how's the weather been the past few days and how will it be for...
  17. the-reason14

    Atlantic Dance hall??

    I'm looking to venture on over to this 'club' on my upcoming trip in January but I have a few questions/concerns. 1. Easiest way to get there? I'm thinking since there's no direct bus other than from a theme park, then my best bet would be to either go to a theme park or Dtd and then hop a...
  18. the-reason14

    New Tomorrowland ??? 1994? 1995??

    I just saw this video on youtube. And something that is confusing me is it's saying the new tomorrowland opened in 1995. There's a point in the vid where they show the astro orbirter still undergoing construction and...
  19. the-reason14

    Walking from mgm to Epcot??

    From what I remember reading, and an unsuccessful attempt years ago, I'm 90% sure that you can walk from mgm to epcot or vice versa. My questions are, 1) how long does it take? I know you have to go through the boardwalk and the swan and dolphin, but from what I remember we got a little lost...
  20. the-reason14

    Typhoon Lagoon Crush n Gusher ?

    I went to TL today for the first time in a while, and one of the crush n gusher slides only supports two riders in a double tube as opposed to just one now. They told me I couldn't slide because it was just me. Does anyone know when and why this happened? If so, then thanks.
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