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    What resort do you think you'll never stay at?

    This is the correct opinion right here!
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    Ever had a awkward encounter at Disney?

    5 years ago my wife, who was pregnant with our second child, our oldest and I were at wdw during flower and garden. While at Disney springs my wife decided we needed to own anything and everything in world of Disney that somehow had to do with a newborn. I'm the one stuck carrying it all and the...
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    Do most people tip when using the DDP?

    It's a private Facebook group and I'm not going to let them get harassed by a self admitted internet bully. This is real people. If other people are out there taking advantage of a flawed system then why should I sit back like a fool and stick to mostly cheaper meals? Who knows how much longer...
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    Do most people tip when using the DDP?

    I'm wondering if it is common for people to not tip when they are on the DDP? My family and I used to go every year until 5 years ago when we switched it up. Disney every year was getting a little expensive. Back then we always tipped 15-20% even if it was tough to swallow. I joined a facebook...
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