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  1. peterwendy

    Hanging man in streaching room?

    Went on the haunted mansion today and didn’t notice the hanging man in the stretching room? I don’t know if the lights were dimmer than usual or if I just missed it completely. Anyone know what this is about ?
  2. peterwendy

    how will IP attractions hold up

    Disney is obviously going in the direction of adding rides based on popular IPs to the parks and if that's a good or bad thing is neither here nor there. But I was thinking about how some of these IPs will hold up in 10+ years (for example Gaurdians) and what Disney might do if these IPs become...
  3. peterwendy

    Space mountain Queue

    This is old news but I'm at Disney and went on Space Mountain yesterday and the games in the queue were off. Is this just and "off season" (not that any season is an off season anymore) thing or is it always off now? I haven't been to Disney in a few years so I'm not sure
  4. peterwendy

    Disney Parks Playlist

    Hi everyone! I found a playlist with the soundtracks of the rides in Disney world and just general park music! I though everyone here would enjoy :)
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