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  1. MickeyCB

    Trip Report A very late, CD (Corona Driven), TR with a twist

    Hi All! Explanations of the title first. A very late-this trip was December 2018. CD (Corona Driven)-I'm a combination of bored and terrified and need a diversion so I am dragging out an old trip to write about! Not to be all dramatic on the terrified part, but some of you may remember from...
  2. MickeyCB

    Trip Report We're going to Disney and this old lady is gonna party!

    Hi all, I have the unexpected joy of being able to write (my second ever), (pre)trip report because I'm getting old! I wrote my first report from our August trip when we got to preview GE as AP before it opened to the public. I thought it would be the only report I got to write till November of...
  3. MickeyCB

    Trip Report With a little bit of Pixie Dust...we made it to Batuu!

    Hi all, super excited (and nervous) to be doing my first (pre) trip report! I absolutely love reading others trip reports on here and with the help and encouragement of @Darstarr decided to give it a go! This trip took some serious magic to come to fruition, and makes looking forward to it all...
  4. MickeyCB

    How to catch Uber from Disney Springs

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could give me advice on where to catch an Uber at Disney Springs. We would like to go to the Vineland Ave. Character Warehouse Outlet from there on Dec 19th in the evening. We are going to be predominantly on the Rainforest Cafe side of Disney Springs, and if...
  5. MickeyCB

    60 days on the dot, and denied!

    For the first time in forever (not meaning to invoke nice music thoughts there), when I went on this morning at my 60 day fastpass mark, I was unable to book ANY of the coveted fastpasses for our 5 day stay. (And as I am visiting my daughter in Sacramento was up at freakin 3:45 am)! In multiple...
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