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  1. Princess_Minnie

    First trip to Kidani Village - Advice?

    We're DVC members, and a reservation opened at Kidani Village in just a week, so we jumped on it. Now we're planning a last minute trip there and we haven't stayed at AKL or Kidani Village before. I've done research on the basics, but any advice for maximizing time there? I'm looking forward to...
  2. Princess_Minnie

    Frozen Fireworks - Best View?

    I've never watched fireworks in Hollywood Studios before - can anyone recommend a good place to see the new Frozen show? We're planning a last minute trip in just 10 days and now that the Frozen Summer stuff is a possibility I need to know as much about it as I can.
  3. Princess_Minnie

    Making the Most of Christmas -> New Years Week

    Hi all! Going on a rather impromptu trip next week that I just found out about and I'm looking for advice. I know this time of year is the highest as far as crowds, so does anyone who has been during the week of New Years have any advice to make the most of the parks while they're packed with...
  4. Princess_Minnie

    Fastpass+ and In-Park Fast Passes?

    We have Fastpass+ set up for each day of our trip and I understand how it works, but my question is can we get additional Fastpasses in the parks on the day of our trip? I've looked for this answer in other places but can't seem to find it. If we have a Fastpass+ for a certain attraction in the...
  5. Princess_Minnie

    First Stay at PO: French Quarter. Any advice?

    We've been to Disney many times but this is our first stay at the French Quarter. Any advice for making the most of the hotel? Also what's the best way to use transportation? We're going next week and know it will be packed and want to get everywhere as efficiently as possible with those kinds...
  6. Princess_Minnie

    An extra day or a better resort?

    I'm planning to book a trip to Disney in June. I can afford either 6 days at the Wilderness Lodge Villas (we're DVC members, so we only have a certain number of points) or 7 days at Old Key West (our home resort). We've stayed at both places before and they're both very nice, and I'm lucky to...
  7. Princess_Minnie

    Persistence of Vision Articles about Walt Disney and the 1964 New York World's Fair

    I'm trying to find this Paul Anderson article online but I'm having no luck. It would be so useful for me to have as I'm writing something over Walt and his contributions to the fair. Has anyone seen anything about this infamous article? Thanks.
  8. Princess_Minnie

    International Gateway

    Ok, give me the low down on this entrance. We are staying at OKW for our next trip in June. Since we had some dinner reservations in the World Showcase, but weren't planning on spending the day in Epcot, we were considering trying to use the International Gateway to cut down on the travel...
  9. Princess_Minnie

    Meeting Dopey

    Hi all! We all have those characters that we've met with what feels like a million times (I'm looking at you here Pooh), and we love them, but I'm sure some have that one character that they saw once in a blue moon and want to see again. Well mine's Dopey. I met him once. When I was 7. Now...
  10. Princess_Minnie

    Mousebits Torrents

    Mousebits has tons of great music, but I have no clue how to get any of it. Does anyone have easy torrent downloading tips? Do they automatically become mp3 for ipod use, or is that impossible, or what? Any advice appreciated. :shrug:
  11. Princess_Minnie

    Star Wars Weekend Panic

    So not only am I stressed about our first June trip ever, now I find out the weekend that is in the middle of our trip the last Star Wars Weekend. I honestly don't know much about these events, and we've never been when any were schedule. How much does this affect crowds, both in HS and...
  12. Princess_Minnie

    June Park Hours - Could they change?

    Never been in June before, and I saw that the park hours are not quite what I'm used to going at Spring Break, with the MK sometimes staying open until midnight. It's happened before where they extend the park hours a few weeks before we get there or even that day. Any chance of this happening...
  13. Princess_Minnie

    Teppan Edo - Is it worth it???

    Hi all. Going to Disney in June, and looking for some new restaurants to try. Thought about Teppan Edo in Epcot. Anyone been there? Was wondering about the experience and the food. Is it worth the price? Any advice or stories would be appreciated. There's 4 in our party.
  14. Princess_Minnie

    OKW - Front or Back? Bus Route?

    We are staying at our home DVC resort, Old Key West, when we go in June. Booked the trip, and the CM on the phone asked if we wanted a room in the front of the resort by the main house, or one towards the back. Anyone been asked this before? If so, which did you pick? Also, does anyone know...
  15. Princess_Minnie

    How do you deal?

    Hi everyone. So, we have decided to move our trip from March 2012 to June 2012 this year. This will be the first time in a very long time that it will be over a year since our last trip. And I'm probably going to go into withdrawl. :brick::cry::brick::cry::brick: So how do you deal with being...
  16. Princess_Minnie

    March vs. June

    We are planning our annual Disney trip, right now, and are considering moving the date. We normally go during Spring Break, during the second week of March. Now we are considering the second week of June instead. I wanted to ask about crowds for anyone who has been at that time. Are they...
  17. Princess_Minnie

    Castle Wall Area?

    I saw under the news about the Dumbo planters being removed for a "castle wall area". Can someone fill me in on what this is expected to look like and how much it will impact the look of Fantasyland? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks :)
  18. Princess_Minnie

    What would you do if....?

    You had a blank check to the World for your next visit? What would you eat? Where would you stay? What new things would you try? I know I would be at the Wilderness Lodge, taking a few tours, and eating at all the restaurants I've wanted to try but never dared to pay for :) But what would you do?
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