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  1. DznyRktekt

    Spirited Blog

    Has Spirit started his blog yet? If so, is it by invitation or open for all to view? Any info would be appreciated.
  2. DznyRktekt

    Spaceship Earth visionary Ray Bradbury dies at the age of 91

    Quote from the Spaceship Earth page on the official WDW website: "Science fiction author—and Disney fan—Ray Bradbury helped design the geodesic sphere and pen the original story of the attraction." Anyone know more of how much of a hand he had in the imagineering process of the original...
  3. DznyRktekt

    Mansion Pet Cemetary -RIP

    Sadly, the pet cemetary is no more. This Miceage update has a photo showing its demise. Thank goodness the report is mistaken. I apologize for the alarm...
  4. DznyRktekt

    SSE descent set pieces

    Has anyone seen any of the former descent set pieces show up on ebay after the Spaceship Earth Refurbishment? (items such as the future city or the people communicating in the various scenes) I'm curious if they were destroyed upon removal.
  5. DznyRktekt

    Treehouse Villa Demo

    Don't know if it has been talked about lately, but the Treehouse Villas are about half gone. We played a round of golf on the Lake Buena Vista course this Wednesday, and when I was teeing off there was a backhoe crumpling the roof of one of the Villas. It was an interesting sight to behold...
  6. DznyRktekt

    Mom to be WDW shirt.

    My wife has a baby bump, and it would be fun to have a novelty WDW maternity shirt to wear in the parks. Any suggestions of where to find anything WDW specific? There are a couple of pooh ones on Ebay.
  7. DznyRktekt

    Closures in May 08?

    Could anyone give me a little insider info on what may be closed in terms of attractions in May 2008? Space Mountain, Jungle Cruise, Imagination? Much appreciated.
  8. DznyRktekt

    Cracking down on music providers?

    Is Disney going after websites that provide park music for download? "Cherished Moments" went offline a couple of weeks ago. Now "The Sound of Magic" says this: "The sounds are down due to provider restrictions. Contact me for space alternatives." Anyone know what "provider restrictions"...
  9. DznyRktekt

    Harry Potter at IOA?

    I am playing with fire, but is this really a possibility? Harry potter at Universal IOA?
  10. DznyRktekt

    Voice of Mother on COP

    I was listening to Live365 and heard some audio from the Carousel of Progress. Is the voice of the mother the same as the one heard in the beginning of Spaceship Earth...the safety announcer? Is her voice heard on other WDW attractions?
  11. DznyRktekt

    Dates/ details on HM Refurb?

    A while back there was a thread that kept going and going about the rumored, upcoming Haunted Mansion refurb, but I don't think the dates were ever confirmed. Does anyone know when it will be down for sure and what will be changed or updated? (Please no more on the holiday overlay). We're...
  12. DznyRktekt

    Where/ when will the Incredibles come into play?

    Many rumors have been circulating about the fate of the Carousel of Progress, including the remaking of it into an Incredibles attraction. This weekend we were watching the DVD, and the part where Edna was showcasing the family's new super suits reminded me of the Carousel of least...
  13. DznyRktekt


    I seem to remember back when I was a kid, the Disney MGM Studios had a super stretch limo that was dedicated to Mickey called the "LiMOUSEine". I think it drove through the park daily and was a burgundy Lincoln Town Car. I also have recollections of it being repainted hot pink and driving...
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