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    Amazon Now

    Does anyone know if you can have groceries delivered through amazon now to the Riviera Resort?
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    Receiving Disneyland tickets after purchasing a vacation package.

    We are going to Disneyland in a couple of days. We used a travel planner who booked our package with hotel and tickets, but we are not sure when we will receive our tickets. We are used to Disney World where you can link your vacation package to the my disney experience app, but we noticed you...
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    World of Color Dessert Party

    We just made reservations to go to Disneyland October 5th-8th. We wanted to get tickets for the world of color dessert party, but noticed the calendar is not open at all yet for October. Does anyone know when it usually opens up?
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    Being added to someones MDE

    If I have already made fastpasses etc.. on my MDE then I get added to someones account so we can share the memory maker after I get to the park, will I still be able to access my fastpasses and everything on my own account? I just wanted to make sure none of my stuff would be deleted.
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