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    Fate of DLP Star Tours

    Bodywars 2.0 ;) But I guess in reality, it could be entirely re-purposed and the land used for a brand new ride when they shut it? Guess it depends what happens in Florida and if that theme could be brought over to Discoveryland
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    Dlp Fan Daze

    Just wondering where Oswald will be? I really hope he's not an exclusive to the expensive packages >_> Still Anna * Kristoff will be cool! (and a whole bunch of others!) Decided to go, after getting a decent AP rate room at Santa Fe and then just the plain old ticket for FanDaze!
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    Potential future European resort (Spain?)

    Yeah this wouldn't really make any sense unless you wanted to close DLP for a warmer climate. Transport wise, mainland Europe and the UK are pretty well connected and apart from sadly in the near future for the UK, the EU allows free movement between countries for both work and tourism so that...
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    Changes at Disneyland Paris by the Walt Disney Company.

    Excellent!!! I really hope it gets a Disney Springs level of theming... but I'd settle for a few Disney touches on a generic entertainment/mall compared to the mess it is atm
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    *taps foot waiting for the non-apple versions still* =p
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    Disneyland Resort Paris Third Gate

    I wonder if giving the Studios so much, they might be able to push back on the 3rd park? My guess for theme is what ever they turn Epcot/Future World into, as it still seems to be IP based. My hope would be an Animal Kingdom still park for colder climate creatures!
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    Transformative Multi-Year Expansion Announced for WDS Paris

    Wow! Genuine expansion at the studios, its really needed there! Especially actual themed lands! Even Frozen looks fantastic (if its like the concept art at all). Hopefully that long avenue to the lake gets something added, looks a little bland! The only other bad point is that Galaxy's Edge...
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    Dlp Fan Daze

    So it seems if you wanna meet all "50" characters its going to cost you a pretty penny: Just packages released so far, and nothing for AP holders seemingly yet! But they did promise 15 days of News...
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