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  1. Daveeeeed

    Top Ride Scores Competition!

    So just a friendly, fun 'competition'. Place your top scores for Orlando rides like Toy Story Midway Mania, Buzz, and Men in Black, and see how you stand with the other forum members!! I'll add all the entries to this post:) Scores @David2319 Buzz 1M TSMM 302K MIB 90K @EricsBiscuit Buzz 1M...
  2. Daveeeeed

    Don't miss restaraunts at Tokyo/Hong Kong/Shanghai

    Hello all! I was wondering what the best restaurants are. Restaurants like Be Our Guest at MK, Harambe Market at AK, Corndog Castle at Disneyland, or Via Napoli at EPCOT where you don't want to miss. Thanks so much! Shanghai is especially confusing. Is anything at DisneyTown worth checking out...
  3. Daveeeeed

    News (Brush) fire on World Drive

    It's still safe to drive, and it's to the right going southbound on World Drive. After the Osceola Parkway Interchange, I believe. I couldn't snap a photo, but it looked like letters. Like someone lit them up. Political message? It probably wasn't. EDIT: It was most likely just a shrub fire...
  4. Daveeeeed

    How to buy a 5 day ticket to Tokyo Disneyland?

    I'm very confused with the Tokyo system. We will be going to Tokyo for 1-week in July, and we plan to spend 3 full days and two partial days at the resort. We already bought airfare and got a great rate. Is it best to buy the tickets separately from the hotel? We want to do Mira Costa for two...
  5. Daveeeeed

    Disney Must Buy a Video Game Company

    I believe since Disney has over time shuttered their video game studios and franchises it needs to happen. Video game franchises can rack up a billion+ in sales in 1 day (GTA V), and then they also can have tons of highly profitable side-games with the right leadership and talent. Everyone is...
  6. Daveeeeed

    Cost figures/estimates for recent attractions

    Hey all! Most stateside attractions we have accurate numbers for, but abroad it seems hard to find. Does anyone know how much Shanghai's POTC, Mystic Manor, and TRON cost to build? Thanks! Just a thought I had.
  7. Daveeeeed

    Favorite Asian Park?

    Not about which is better quality wise, but which is your personal favorite park in Asia?
  8. Daveeeeed

    NFL players kneeling...

    I don't like Trump, I used to, but I don't as of recent. I want to support them kneeling (it's the anti-Trump thing to do amirite?, but I cannot. I am a huge advocate for free speech, and they should be able to if they want to, but just like if you are a racist, there are repercussions for your...
  9. Daveeeeed

    When does Tokyo Disneyland typically close for capacity?

    If you do not stay at one of Tokyo Disneyland’s hotels you do not have priority in the case of a capacity closure. When would there be risk for this? July? Christmas? Thanks!
  10. Daveeeeed

    Tomorrowland Transit Authority refurbishment

    In preparation for TRON, The Peoplemover should receive a sizable update by the 50th.
  11. Daveeeeed

    Best Universal park?

    Pretty much everyone who has been to all of the Disney parks agrees that Tokyo Disney Sea is the gold standard. But what's the best of Universal's parks? My guess is that Singapore and Universal Studios Hollywood are at the bottom, and Islands of Adventure is the best. Maybe I'm wrong! What does...
  12. Daveeeeed

    The misunderstanding of the Theme Park...

    The technology involved, the storyline, the theming and scale, and finally the execution ties everything together in what can make an iconic attraction like The Haunted Mansion. Immersion is an art that is fired on all four cylinders in the best theme parks. Theme Parks tie-in the best of what...
  13. Daveeeeed

    Best hotels

    What are the best on-property hotels at Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Tokyo? Really appreciate the help. For Shanghai, we are thinking about getting two rooms at the Toy Story Hotel, or one room at The Shanghai Disneyland Hotel, which would you personally recommend? They are roughly the same price...
  14. Daveeeeed

    Imagineering a summer

    This is not a competition, it's not even about theme parks, but about you. What do want to accomplish and do by the end of the summer? Maybe this will become a competition. A competition of what we'll all do:p. Anything is possible (a points-based system for the most water bottles drank would...
  15. Daveeeeed

    The local *actually national* 6th district

    As a person actually from the 6th, it's really cool to have America's eyes on us. I would love to hear what people inside or outside of the district! What does everyone else think?:) EDIT: I'm actually a bit happy inside that Ossoff lost, but it also would have been a neat change for one...
  16. Daveeeeed

    Does World of Color have second shows this summer?

    It's not posted on the app for June. Thanks!
  17. Daveeeeed

    How to remove bunk bed railing

    We'll be going on a cruise on Saturday so this is important. So appearently there is now bunk bed railing at the head and feet of the top bunk now on the Fantasy. Essentially, this will make it impossible for someone who is 5' 11" to get a perfect nights sleep. Stateroom hosts will not take...
  18. Daveeeeed

    Well, if it wasn't confirmed already, Turkey is pretty much a dictatorship.

    Freedom of the press & censorship is usually the best way to see a country's freedoms. Turkey is just getting worse by the minute. Unbelievable how the public voted for the referendums unless of course, it was fake.
  19. Daveeeeed

    Is it even worth it to visit Pandora on opening weekend?

    This thread can also be used for anyone wanting specific information about Pandora's Opening Weekend. We're going to be at WDW from the 27th to the 29th, but obviously, all fast passes are taken. We stay at the Shades of Green so we can only do 30 days, but you do get Extra Magic Hours. Will...
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