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  1. Simba’s Mom

    Who's eaten dinner at Trattori Forno?

    Or whatever the name is exactly-I hope I got close enough for people to recognize the place on the Boardwalk. Am I missing something? Just looking over the menu now, it looks very inexpensive (for Disney) for dinnertime. How is the service and food (in that order, service concerns me more...
  2. Simba’s Mom

    Need FP+ if doing queue, but not ride (chicken exit)?

    I think I know the answer, but I was wondering-if I'm just doing the queue but not riding (Say, ToT or RnRC), I assume I have to have FP+ to go in FP+ line. Besides, at EE, at least, the standby line has many more interesting artifacts. But can anyone please confirm that FP+ is still necessary...
  3. Simba’s Mom

    anyone remember Osborne lights when..?

    To me, the best memories I have of the Osborne Lights are when they were on the houses in the area where Lights, Motor, Action was. Thus I was really surprised when all the pictures of the Osborne Lights on wdwmagic's home page were from when they were on the buildings at the Streets of...
  4. Simba’s Mom

    Trip Report Quick comments on Poly and BCV trip

    For the first time, I tried Poly DVC and I'm not a Poly fan. The location was outstanding for the MK, but the rooms weren't, at least not to me. BCV was great. Both resorts still had the trial sizes (no lotion, though), no wall dispensers. But what's with all the ride breakdowns? Mickey's...
  5. Simba’s Mom

    Anyone eaten at Tangerine Cafe lately?

    It was always one of my favorite places to eat. However, I heard someone say that the portions lately are much smaller and overall the food just isn't as good. I so hope that's just one person's perspective. I'd be so sad to see it diminish.
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