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    Sticks for the Campfire at Ft Wilderness?

    Took my kids to the campfire at Ft Wilderness when we visited Disney and it is one of our favorite memories. From what I remember they sold kits for s'mores and everyone got to toast the marshmallows over the "campfire" which was really in a sort of raised fire pit. I don't remember paying for...
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    Planning around lunch? Thoughts on carrying in snacks?

    Looking at planning our days around lunch reservations since dining reservations become available first and it would mean a break from the heat. So far I'm thinking: Day 1 Magic Kingdom + Cinderella's Royal Table Day 2 Animal Kingdom + Tusker House Rivers of Light Day 3 Hollywood Sudios +...
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    Here we go again!

    Hello everyone! Last time I planned a Disney trip was when I took my two kids and their two best friends to Disney World in June of 2001. Been lurking here and decided to make a profile so I could start asking questions and running my silly ideas past a few pros. We will have a part of 9 or...
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    Tokyo Dining or La Hacienda de San Angel fireworks viewing?

    We're in the initial planning stages for taking our grandkids to Disney for the first time now that everyone's finally tall enough to at least ride a few of the rides. The last time we were there it was possible to have one family member stake a claim to enough real estate for standing room in...
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