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  1. DisneyFreak23

    What do you do while waiting in long lines?

    I am curious to see what some of us do to creatively pass the time while waiting in long lines for rides and M&Gs...besides get impatient. :rolleyes:
  2. DisneyFreak23

    Are Frogg Toggs worth it?

    We're going to WDW in a few weeks and it will be hot. Anyone with experience with Frogg Togg towels to stay cool? Are they worth buying and bringing?
  3. DisneyFreak23

    Does Disney watch these forums for ideas?

    Do you think Disney really reads our discussions on these forums for ideas and suggestions since their policy is to not accept "unsolicited ideas"? I hope so!
  4. DisneyFreak23

    Parents or Kids More Excited?

    As a parent planning and leading a trip to Disney with your kids, who gets more excited --you or them?:rolleyes:
  5. DisneyFreak23

    Cars Suite room recommendations

    We're staying in a couple Cars suites at AoA on our next trip. Which rooms do you recommend to be close to the food court and/or Big Blue pool?
  6. DisneyFreak23

    Pre-Trip Our Psycho 4 Resort (split stay) Trip!

    Anyone have experience and thoughts about resort hopping? We are returning to WDW in a couple of weeks and we have a crazy plan that has been changed numerous times in the past 4 months. Our kids are getting older and we wanted to make this a big memory maker. Originally, 11 of us were to go...
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