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  1. Vader2112

    How Bad is the Polynesian Construction, Really?

    I have to agree. They should bee offering sweet discounts to stay their right now. It is a disaster area. Can't wait for it to be done.
  2. Vader2112

    Trattoria al Forno to replace Kouzzina by Cat Cora on Disney's BoardWalk

    Great another sub par "Italian" Restaurant. Might as well hop a cab and drive down the road a little further to Olive Garden.
  3. Vader2112

    So long, Malestrom

    Sad had FP + for Saturday and never got to go.
  4. Vader2112

    DHS Soundstage 1 Renovation - Toy Storia Mania expansion

    Not sure but I can dream lol
  5. Vader2112

    DHS Soundstage 1 Renovation - Toy Storia Mania expansion

    Wow @Lee are we talking complete park changers here for the studios? I know there had been rumblings of another area closing soon too. Would free some space for expansion of another popular franchise.
  6. Vader2112

    Maelstrom Mural

    It will be replaced with this...
  7. Vader2112

    DHS Soundstage 1 Renovation - Toy Storia Mania expansion

    It is a new exhibit called : A Man and His Dream of Digital Animation and conquest through acquisition of other IPs." On a serious note I hope it is something new that brings some life to DHS.
  8. Vader2112

    Disney confirms 'Frozen' makeover coming to Epcot's Norway Pavilion

    Wohoo more Olaf.!!!!! Do you think they will have a Let it Go scene or Do you Want to build a snowman? Sad day for EPCOT fans...
  9. Vader2112

    Port Orleans to test self check-in

    Mixed feelings. Less CMs in the furture. Also will elimate part of the Magic and lessen the guests expereince. Not sure Disny will fully go through with this as they pride themself as the example of customer service and experience.
  10. Vader2112

    Trip Report The "we took a trip to Disney World just so we could write a trip report" trip report

    Plus the tiplless room the person(s) did not even make the "M" with the cloth in the middle.
  11. Vader2112

    Meg back at Epcot?

    Damn! Is that Meg or Lenoard Nemoy?
  12. Vader2112

    A better MagicBand...

    I hope so I think it is so wasteful sending all of these things out. Since they started issuing then to AP holderes earlier this year I ahve received 4 sets. I received the original bands, Then shortly after booked a reservation for Easter weekend. then had to rebew my passes and now that we...
  13. Vader2112

    Best part of Coronado Springs?

    LOL When did it switch out the last time I stayed I guess was 2012/13
  14. Vader2112

    Best part of Coronado Springs?

    Unfortunately I do not know as I have not used the dining plan in sometime. One part is an actual buffet but they as have a little shop that is seperate. Where you can order to go items or grab something quick
  15. Vader2112

    BOG lunch fast pass+

    Does this link still work? Just tried and the Sign In button is gray and you can not click.
  16. Vader2112

    Nine Dragons??

    Hi Deb as a former NYer who is picky about Chinese food. It was very good!
  17. Vader2112

    I Can't Wait To...

    I can't wait to eat: Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar I can't wait to ride: Haunted Mansion I can't wait to smell: Burning Roam I can't wait to hear: "Please stad clear of the doors...." I can't wait to see: FLE now that ll the condstruction walls are down I can't wait to buy: my kids more stuff...
  18. Vader2112

    Best part of Coronado Springs?

    They really do not have a food court it is a buffet style. The Pepper Market has Quick service and Gelato and grab and go items. The grounds are well themed. Pool Area with the Pyramid Waterfall is a great place to hang out. Not to metion. Rix Lounge .
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