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  1. Vader2112

    Staying at AOA Independence Day Weekend

    Well being I have a 4 day weekend thanks to Independence Day I decided to take a trip where else??? WDW. This timne staying at AOA. My kids have wanted to stay at what they call the "Ariel Hotel" for some time now. Well I booked a room in the Little Mermaid Section late last week. I called this...
  2. Vader2112

    Which On Property Steak House Would you pick?

    I was offered to pick a restaurant at WDW for Father's Day. Since I am a serious carnivore I want steak. As my favorite Steak House is off property I was wondering what your favorite may be and why? Note I have been to Le Cellier and thought it was pretty good but mainly for the soup.
  3. Vader2112

    The 7 Stages of Disney Grief

    I posted this in another thread thought I would share: The Seven Stages of Disney Grief: (Play Circle of Life from Lion King While Reading) Shock & Denial - Wow didn''t we just get to WDW? It can't be time to go home already! Pain and guilt - Why didn't we do ? (insert ride or...
  4. Vader2112

    New RF Anual Passes Registration

    Hello all, I just renewed my AP on Saturday and received the new RF credit card type pass. I just logged into my Disney account to see what the current resort specials are and was asked to reneter my AP info to register the passes. When looking at the different types of passes it does not have...
  5. Vader2112

    Are Disney Resort Front Desk Workers allowed to accept tips?

    I was listening to a person named Jacob Tomsky promote his new book Heads and Beds about working in the hotel industry. He indicated about slipping the front desk worker a tip during check in for a possible upgrade or another perk (free bottle of wine drink coupons etc.) My question is : Can...
  6. Vader2112

    Now I have seen it all. South Korea's Theme Park

    Just saw this story and had to share:
  7. Vader2112

    Let Episode VII Speculation Begin

    The cast selection Speculation has already begun:
  8. Vader2112

    Let the Star Wars Episode Speculatiin begin;

    The cast selection Speculatiin has already begun:
  9. Vader2112

    New Fantasyland open to guests during MNSSHP

    Just returned to my room( after a Mickey Ds stop ) from the MNSSHP. Was able to visit new Fantasy forest. Was very happy with the new addition at nighttime. Had fun with the kids at Enchanted Tales with Belle. I was selected to play a night in the little play and hamed it up for my kids. Little...
  10. Vader2112

    October WDW and Vero Beach Bound.

    After much debate on a trip for this October we have decided to spend a few days at the Disney Vero Beach Resort (Thank you all for the info and tips!) Followed by 3 days at either a value/Mod at WDW. Just waiting on the October AP deals be be released. Thinking PORS as I have not stayed there...
  11. Vader2112

    Sharky and Bones at Down Disney M&G

    In addition to performing at Downtown Disney Sharky and Bones are signing copies of the Jake and the Neverland Pirates Band CDs. This takes place between 4:00 - 4:30 pm. Sharky and Bones take stage daily at 2:00, 3:00 and 5:00pm now through 8/12. In order to meet Sharky and Bones you must...
  12. Vader2112


    I just logged into my AP account book some days out for October and found this: New Fantasyland Passholder Preview Be among the first to experience the enchantment of New Fantasyland during a special Passholder Preview in November 2012! Upon completion, Fantasyland will nearly double in size –...
  13. Vader2112


    Hello all; Planning a beach get away for Labor Day weekend and was wondering if anyone has stayed at the Disney Vero Beach Resort? I would value any input. Thank you
  14. Vader2112

    Best day of the Week to Visit Animal Kingdom?

    I just wanted to get everyone's opinion on the best day to visit Animal Kingdom as I do not frequent this park. The best day meaning the lowest attendance. Family is in town and wish to go to AK. Not my favorite park so I'm turning to all of you.
  15. Vader2112

    Extra Magical Trip Report

    I am new to WDW Magic and I would like to share my trip from October 2011 with all of you as it was a trip that I will remember for the rest of my life. My wife and I had planned a trip to WDW in October 2011 to celebrate my 40th birthday. I was excited to go as Disney was celebrating the MK...
  16. Vader2112

    Anual Passholders to have Early Entry Events at Disnelyand

    Beginning soon, Disneyland Resort Annual Passholders will be able to sign up for Annual Passholder Early Entry events. The events will take place 06/18/12 through 9/13/12 and will allow Passholders entry into the Parks one hour early on selected days. The events will typically take place...
  17. Vader2112

    Books About Disney World/Walt Disney

    Hello Everyone, I am new to the site and have been enjoyuing reading several of your posts. I have become very into Disney History and folklore in the past few years and enojy reading about the subject. I was hoping some of you could share some of your favorite books about the subject...
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