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  1. wdwfan22

    Santa’s Holiday Cavalcade

    Stage shows will resume once the union dispute is over. As for fireworks and parades I still don't see them returning until sometime next year.
  2. wdwfan22

    New limited time show at Theater of the Stars in place of Beauty and the Beast

    No employer is testing employees prior to each shift so why should they be any different. They were the only union to refuse coming back. It’s time to replace them with employees willing to work.
  3. wdwfan22

    Polynesian Resort and Art of Animation reopening delayed and others cancelled

    plenty of people the beaches are packed. Nobody wants to travel to central Florida and pay Disney pricing for half the experience.
  4. wdwfan22

    Streaming The Magic - Facebook Page

    Producing content. Walking around a theme park streaming there day isn’t producing content. Reading the current news happening isn’t either. I guess everyone views content differently.
  5. wdwfan22

    Streaming The Magic - Facebook Page

    It’s modern day begging. You don’t have stand on the corner anymore, you can just steam your visit to theme parks and idiots will hand over their money. More power to them. if people are willing to pay to watch a live steam then let them. I personally would never give a dime but then again I...
  6. wdwfan22

    Has the TTA opened yet?

    The attraction went down before the shut down and has not returned to operation. Hopefully they can get it up and running soon.
  7. wdwfan22

    First Stay at Grand Floridian

    The Grand Floridian isn’t really worth it right now with the NBA on site. Most of the grounds and courtyard pool (my favorite) are closed. However one advantage is the resort isn’t as busy as it normally is.
  8. wdwfan22

    Will Magic Kingdom have the same firework shows when they come back?

    I don’t see the fireworks returning until the shows can resume as normal. Earliest I see is fall 2021.
  9. wdwfan22

    30% AP Discount on merch coming soon!

    I wonder how long before they issue General Public Resort discounts.
  10. wdwfan22

    Any truth in this

    Who was sleeping in the parking lot just for a chance to ride? People got up early for rope drop but nobody is camping out. I go at least 5 times a year and have NEVER not been able to ride an attraction. This includes Flight of Passage, 7 Dwarfs and so on. And I didn't sleep in my car or...
  11. wdwfan22

    Country Bear Jamboree Updates?

    And also note they have never said when Splash Mountain is closing for the retheme. With COVID numbers increasing and delayed opening for Disneyland and possibly more problems for Orlando, I don't see Disney spending anymore money on attractions than they have to.
  12. wdwfan22

    Country Bear Jamboree Updates?

    The Splash Mountain retheme has been a long time coming. Song of the South is dangerous territory for Disney. They really have no choice but the reimagine the attraction. The other's that were mentioned I don't believe will change at all. Disney always purposes things but never follows...
  13. wdwfan22

    So I cant visit the resorts now unless I have a dining reservation?

    Correct that the Resorts will not be open to everyone during the first phase of reopening. The resorts will be operating at greatly reduced capacity and only registered Guests and those with confirmed dining reservations will be welcomed in.
  14. wdwfan22

    Park Attraction Operations in the COVID-19 Era

    People still gather at the attraction entrance waiting to get it. you see it everyday at rise of the resistance and most recently at World of Disney.
  15. wdwfan22

    Park Attraction Operations in the COVID-19 Era

    all a virtual queue does is create a mass gathering at the entrance to the attraction.
  16. wdwfan22

    What will Disney do with FPs made during the times the parks close earlier now?

    If you travel to Disney during the months of July August and September you should be prepared to just wing it. FastPass may or may not be offered. Restaurants won't all be operating and those that are will be at reduced capacity. You may not even be able to visit the park you were hoping to...
  17. wdwfan22

    News New Park Hours...

    My guess is because of the third party restaurants at Epcot. They are guaranteed a certain number of hours in their lease.
  18. wdwfan22

    Universal Puts Disney's Reopening on Defensive

    He wasn't correct with the opening plan
  19. wdwfan22

    News Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion

    I know I hear that one all the time to. Most of the locals work in hospitality making no money. Hell even the vloggers can't afford the Disney experience. Disney can't make it on them. They need to tourist who can afford to stay in the resorts and spend money. No offense to the locals but...
  20. wdwfan22

    News Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion

    I think Disney also knows that when they do reopen and the tourist start returning they aren't going to be as forgiving as the locals and vloggers walking around saying its so great to be back at Disney Springs. The tourist are the real money makers for Disney. They are the ones who are going...
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