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  1. TB4244

    Water pageant

    In all my times visiting WDW over the past 20 years I have never viewed the Electrical Water Pageant. Not because I've particularly avoided it but either I've forgotten or it hasn't fitted in with my plans. Well I actually got the chance to view it from the dock at Wilderness Lodge last night...
  2. TB4244

    Flame Tree BBQ - beware!

    we're currently at DAK and have had lunch at FTB. I ordered up the mixed green salad with chicken and Mrs TB4244 had the pulled pork sandwich. It's only after you order it and you have either the food or the receipt in your hands that you're made aware that the salad is brimming with pecan nuts...
  3. TB4244

    Historical Monorail Question

    I was listening to Magical Mouse Radio yesterday and they played an interesting monorail spiel from 1972. It did highlight a up a couple of things I had no idea were even there like the waterski show, which apparently you needed tickets for, and now I can't remember what the other one was. But...
  4. TB4244

    Strange question about SSE

    A question has been bothering me for years about Spaceship Earth that I'd really like an answer to. Its regarding the figure of the kid that is selling the newspapers, you know, the one with his back to you yelling "Extra, extra, read all about it!"? Does he have a face? Technically they...
  5. TB4244

    CBR Nov 2016

    We're just about to book for next November and because POR, which is our favoured resort has crept a little out of our price range, we're opting for CBR. Now my questions are twofold, first what are we actually losing by swapping from POR to CBR aside from the obvious, like the boat service to...
  6. TB4244

    BB/TL Question

    Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach are currently both closed due to refurb and weather/low temperature, but my question is what happens to the CMs that staff the parks? Do they get reassigned elsewhere like the resorts or do they go unpaid for the time that both the waterparks are closed?
  7. TB4244

    Star Wars Episode VII teaser is live!

  8. TB4244

    Trip Report Back in the World at POR

    18 months, 18 long months and we're back at WDW. We promptly left a very soggy Gatwick behind at 11.40am and after a relatively smooth and turbulence free flight we landed at MCO at 4pm local time. The Manchester flight had arrived just before us so the wait time at immigration was a little more...
  9. TB4244


    Can any of you lovely people out there recommend a good restaurant for pizza? I'm not talking the qs pizza and fries or a fast-good chain, I mean proper Italian pizza as I don't think I've ever had one before. I'd prefer a location on property but I'd certainly consider offsite as well. Thanks!
  10. TB4244

    Frozen - no princess induction?

    With all the current Frozen mania, which shows no sign of slowing especially regarding the insane wait times for the M&Gs, why have Anna and Elsa not been inducted yet? Merida was accepted roughly after a year I believe, so could we be expecting it towards the end of the year...
  11. TB4244

    Where do you watch Illuminations from?

    It's probably been asked before but seeing as I'm new to the forum I thought I'd start a thread :) With all the discussion about the laser upgrades to RoE today, it got me thinking about the show and where in World Showcase you all like to watch from. We took the Undiscovered Futureworld...
  12. TB4244

    Where to watch Big Hero 6?

    I read recently that the release date for Big Hero 6 coincides with our trip in November. I really want to see this while we are there because it looks great, it's another fun thing to do and most importantly if we don't catch it then we'll have to wait 3 months until the UK gets it at the end...
  13. TB4244

    Hi folks!

    I've been reading the forums here for a while and several times I have wanted to post replies on various threads but I hadn't registered. So today I got off my butt and did it, and here I am. So hello to all you lovely people, I hope to get to know you and the forums much better. Have a...
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