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  1. CLandrum

    City Hall Address

    I am wondering if there is an address to send something to City Hall. In September we had the manager at City Hall do something very magical for us. We sent an email to the genral e-mail address but we are wanting to send her something personally through the good old USPS. Can you do this...
  2. CLandrum

    Captain Morgan commercial filmed in POTC???

    While watching TV tonight a Captain Morgan's rum commercial came on. I saw it twice and I swear it looks like it was filmed in the battle scene with the big ship in the Pirates of the Caribbean. The next time I saw it I pointed it out to my fiance. He agrees it looks like it as well. I tried to...
  3. CLandrum

    People to People: Student Ambassador Program

    My daughter recently received a letter inviting her to the 2012 Australia trip. As I understand after some research while they make it seem like you child was specially selected for their wonderful academics their name is in fact purchased. I also understand that there have been some issues with...
  4. CLandrum

    Contemporary Laundry

    I did a search and asked this question on another board but never really got definant answer. Do the machines at the Contemporary take cash or only KTTW cards? Also If anyone has any pics of the laundry room I would love to see them. TIA :)
  5. CLandrum

    Sharron (Housekeeping) @ Caribbean Beach

    This last week we stayed in room 3753 @ the CBR. Sharron did a terrific job and went above and beyond. I would just like to say thank you. :sohappy:
  6. CLandrum

    touring plans may hours????

    Touring plans has the first week in May crowd levels as being 8's even one day there is a 9 do you think this will be acurate? :confused: Here is a link...
  7. CLandrum

    disney channel games 2009

    Has anyone heard anything about when the games are this year? I think I might be there for them. Also how do you go about getting tickets?:veryconfu
  8. CLandrum

    pirate adventure cruise thinggy?

    I was looking at the "boys getting left out thread" and seen something on the pirate adveture. So I started looking into it. Turns out there is not much info out there on this. :confused: My questions are.... Is this still being done? I noticed it is offered at several of the WDW resorts so...
  9. CLandrum

    Buy 4 get 3 offer extended again!

    Sorry if this has already been posted but they extended the offer again til March 29th. However I don't believe they have actually added any more rooms yet for the offer. I guess we will wait and see.
  10. CLandrum

    Pool and Dump Bucket @CBR

    I was looking at the pics and I was wondering if the Dump Bucket play area is by the main pool? Does Anyone have any pics of it?
  11. CLandrum

    New web site

    Sorry if it has already been posted but has anyone else seen the new WDW site? It is kinda neat.
  12. CLandrum

    Snack Delivery

    We are arriving at our hotel around 9:30pm. I was wondering if there was any service that will deliver some snack type groceries to our room and have them waiting there as a surpirse. Kinda like a welcome gift. I checked but they want $150 for a few snack items. Does anyone...
  13. CLandrum

    Bedtime Stories

    Did anyone see Bedtime Stories today? It was allot of fun and had a cameo by Buzz Lightyear.
  14. CLandrum

    Surprise trip

    My friend and I are taking our kids to WDW May 1st. Here is the kicker we are not telling them that we are going. This is my daughters 4th trip to WDW but my friends son has never been. We are going to pick them up from school that Friday and head straight to the airport with out a word. My...
  15. CLandrum

    "UP" movie trailer

    Sorry if this has been posted but there is a new Disney-Pixar movie coming out next year called "UP". A small trailer has been released here is the link that is on another Disney site...
  16. CLandrum

    Superbowl 2009

    I just bought my plane tickets and it looks like were going for sure Jan 30-Feb 9, 2009. Does anyone know how the Superbowl being held in Tampa will affect things such as attendance. I know it has been held there before so if anyone has any past expirience please let me know. Any info would be...
  17. CLandrum

    Allegiant Air discontinues flights to Orlando from Wichita

    Allegiant Air announced today that they are no longer going to offer flights flying out of Wichita, Ks. to Orlando. This means are plane tickets will noe cost 2-3 times more than what we would normally pay.:eek: My plans for next trip are going to need to change dramatically. I am not sure how...
  18. CLandrum

    Booking for 2009?

    I like to book online. Does anyone know when you might be able to start booking online for 2009 trips to WDW?
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