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  1. HMF

    Odds of a Space Mountain Refurbishment in 2021

    Has anyone heard if Space Mountain will get a major DL-Style refurb once Tron opens? I have heard it is picking up steam.
  2. HMF

    Indiana Jones Land?

    I thought this article was worth discussing.
  3. HMF

    Hypothetical Question

    A thought occurred to me. I know in an ideal world The hat would have been removed and GMR would have stayed but I was wondering would you rather have GMR with the Hat or M&M:RR without the hat. I know the two are completely un-related but I was just wondering .
  4. HMF

    Emergency Brainstorming for Future GOTG replacement that actually fits Epcot.

    I think the Title says it all. Go to town with your ideas everyone. Needless to say the GOTG Coaster is likely happening and Epcots theme will be damaged in the process. We need to find a way to use the GOTG infrastructure to create something thematically appropriate for Epcot.
  5. HMF

    Pirates of the Caribbean- yet another film, any more damage to the ride?

    As we all know the 5th Pirates Movie came out yesterday and I just want to make sure that Disney has not added any more movie tie-ins to the ride. (New Villain in Waterfall etc.) Can anyone confirm?
  6. HMF

    The Adventures of WALL-E

    I have never posted in this thread before because for many years I wanted to work for WDI and posting them here would hurt my chances of getting in. Now, I am pretty sure I will never get into WDI so I might as well share them here. This is a project I have had in mind for the better part of...
  7. HMF

    Merits of DLR vs. WDW

    since someone in the GOTG Tower thread requested this.
  8. HMF

    Tomorrowland BGM question

    A small question for the park audio experts, When Tomorrowland was renovated in 94 was the BGM changed at all?
  9. HMF

    Mission Space 2.0 wishlist

    I am not sure whether to put this in news & Rumors or General Discussion but with the recent wonderful Test Track Refurb and Hewlett-Packard's contract up for re-negotiation in the near future what would you folks like to see in a hypothetical upgraded and expanded Mission Space, Pavilion? No...
  10. HMF

    New Walt Disney World logo,

    It seems in 2013 Walt Disney World will be getting this new retro-informed logo as seen here. To our insiders when should we expect resort signage to reflect the new logo?
  11. HMF

    The bizarre state of Epcot logos

    When Epcot Center opened in 1982 the entire park and each Attraction had it's own uniqe yet similar circular logo. This stayed pretty consistent until Innoventions opened in 1994 with it's upside down Triangle logo and the active use of the matching circular logos began to decline. Things...
  12. HMF

    Walls in Innoventions Plaza

    I know this might be another false alarm but could we finally be nearing the end of Millenium Central.
  13. HMF

    Innoventions: time for a change?

    With the Disneyland incarnation of Innoventions on the chopping block and the recent history of the Exhibitions in the Epcot incarnation which is currently mostly corporate sponsored educational exhibits rather than a showcase of cutting-edge technologies as the name implies. Does anyone else...
  14. HMF

    POTC Waterfall question

    Over in Disneyland the Blackbeard and Davy Jones projections are currently alternating. Anybody know if WDW has followed DL's lead?
  15. HMF

    Epcot Millennium Central removal, possible

    Permits have been filed for refurbishment on the "Pin Central" area in Innoventions Plaza at Epcot. Whether this means the end of the Millennium tarps is unknown but likely. http://www.************.com/2011/07/27/refurbishment-epcot-pin-central-permit-filed/
  16. HMF

    Hatbox Ghost Returns soon

    from disboards Haunted Mansion HATBOX GHOST will return!!!! - The DIS Discussion Forums - Don't get too excited though considering WDI's recent track record with the Mansion.
  17. HMF

    Permit filed for "Epcot Entrance Work"

    A permit has apparently been filed for Epcot Entrance work. Sadly I don't have the source document and am hearing it second hand but still' Is anyone thinking what I am thinking?
  18. HMF

    Pirates of the Caribbean Malfunction

    At WDW last month. Really TDO' increase maintenance budgets.
  19. HMF

    WDI's opinion of the Hat

    Just got the Imagineering Field Guide to Disney's Hollywood Studios and the Sorcerers Hat is obviously on the cover which is strange considering that it will probably gone within two years. We know the WDI opinion on the Hat from the 20th Anniversary event when Bob Weiss' Eric Jacobson and Tom...
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